10 Reasons to Question Vaccines

question-vaccination1) The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

75 cents of every vaccination goes toward reimbursing other children who are injured by vaccination. Every measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is $2.25 collected by the government to reimburse other children that are vaccine-injured.

As a parent, it’s okay to ask, “Is a chance of permanent damage to my child worth some protection against measles and mumps?”

Are you a good parent if you don’t ask?

Ok, measles carries a 0.2% chance of death. Maybe the measles vaccine confers 80% immunity. Well, at least if your child is injured by a vaccine, you can be compensated by a government fund.

2) It’s never been done.

Children in previous generations had fewer vaccinations, and started them at a later age.

Currently, the childhood schedule includes 40 vaccinations, or 43 if you’re a girl, or 79 if you’re a girl and want flu protection. We’ve undergone a “feel no pain” metamorphosis since the days when Jenner injected a dose of cow pus into a boy’s arm. Today, we worship Jenner, and we’d sue him and lock him away for injecting cow pus into a boy.

Children in this generation are receiving a record number of vaccinations at an early age. We won’t know the long-term effects on these children for another 20 or 30 years. Essentially, today’s children are signed up for a science experiment with unknown long-term outcome.

At least give Americans the liberty for it to be an optional science experiment.

3) Risk-benefit analysis.

If smallpox was making rounds, it’d make sense to be in line for vaccination.

But, more and more, we’re vaccinating against “viruses of inconvenience”. It’s not likely that a child with measles, mumps, or rubella would be a severe risk today. Even tetanus is readily treatable with IVIG.

If you’re a parent, you know what it means to worry about your child. A good parent would never choose lifelong vaccine injury to a child versus a brush with measles.

As a parent, I think I could live with myself if my child contracted tetanus and IVIG couldn’t save her. But I could never live with myself if a vaccination I allowed caused a permanent injury.

4) Stronger benelles (good cells).

The phrase “no pain no gain” doesn’t just apply to exercise, but finance, relationships, schooling and, well, everything. Shortcuts make today easy, and tomorrow hard.

Sure, the flu or chickenpox hurts. So does going to school, or working out, or saving money. Our benelles use wild chickenpox to train for bigger battles, such as preventing auto immune disease and cancer. If you “skip” viruses with immunizations, you’re letting your immune system skip school.

The millionaire next door will intuitively understand how paying the price gets results that going after free lunches never will. Unfortunately, the majority are hungry, maxed-out credit people, and vaccinations are “free lunches”. Maybe they can go ahead and make a shot for muscles and a tan too…

5) Thimerosal.

Thimerosal is still widely used around the world for childhood vaccinations. It’s a mercury-based preservative.

Thimerosal is a way to save cost and wouldn’t be needed if we just did one vaccination per virus. But the name of the game with 7 billion is mass production, long shelf life, lowest quality possible.

The problem isn’t thimerosal, per se. It’s that the medical community considers it safe, which is backwards, and means I can’t trust their general thinking on safety. “Innocent until proven guilty” should apply to our legal rights, not mercury in our brains and synthetics in our bloodstreams.

6) Diet.

Diet is more powerful than vaccination. Organic vegetables, fruits, proteins and spices are the best solution against disease.

Most Americans live on refined starch, processed meats, and sugar water, making them tall, fat, and malnourished. They are health impaired, and probably should get the full suite of vaccinations. Their health is fragile, which they see as normal.

It’s not normal. Overall, people who eat natural, organic foods will achieve dynamically better outcomes than those on processed food and vaccinations. The people on processed foods shouldn’t be allowed to force vaccinations on the organic people.

7) Fear tactics.

We’re kept in the dark and served cold dishes of fear. Statistics about disease and mortality are played toward making us afraid. We’re never sold statistics on the 225,000 iatrogenesis victims or shown pictures of vaccine injured children. We’re supposed to trust. And that’s why subscribing to modern medicine is an act of faith, not science. We’re asked to trust corporations more than evidence, more than benelles. Yet benelles are non-profit…

We are sold mortal fear of tetanus, but those affected by tetanus tend to be older, sedentary, have coexisting diseases, and poor nutrition. That doesn’t describe my family at all. My kids live on fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, and spices. They exercise daily. In our family, living in a sustainable way is holy and meaningful, and does not flow from hospitals, injections, pharmacies…or most grocery stores.

Look, the vaccine statisticians rely upon the 10% of the population that is the least healthy, with the worst habits, to drive fear and vaccinations on the other 90%.

So let the 90% soothe their fear with faith in synthetics, but let the 10% live in their own way.

It comes down to money. And fear sells.

8) Lack of belief.

For those people that have grown up on processed foods and antibiotics, it’s hard to imagine a world of natural health. One where you never take antibiotics, exercise, and eat natural foods.

In our family, we go years without seeing the doctor. My seven-year-old girl has never been on antibiotics. Nor has she or her brother been to the dentist. They have no sicknesses and they take no medications.

My family has a world-class medical plan. It’s just that I feel every time we use it, we deduct from our health, like taking money out of savings for some quick thing.

Your maximum health potential comes from natural gene expression of benelles. But synthetic foods, synthetic drugs, and radiation shut-off and corrupt natural gene expression.

The processed food and vaccination people will never experience the pure belief in benelles, which yields the “health miracles” doctors can’t explain. The synthetic people get fewer health miracles because their bodies have to overcome the tax of synthetics, and still produce health. For example, chemotherapy will kill cells, but health can only come from benelles that survive the poisoning, and produce.

The non-believers literally think that doctors, chemical manufacturers, vaccine-makers, insurance companies, and hospitals can “give” them health…or “deny” health. The benelles people go “get” health with food, sun, chocolate, jogging, meditating, and so forth.

9) Long-term relationships.

In life, you give something up to get something. If something is quick and easy today, a bigger price comes later.

Quick and easy immunity to every illness is not part of the natural order. Thus, it is likely that people served quick dishes today have rotten dishes to come. If you never have a serious fight against a “virus of inconvenience” like chickenpox, what will your benelles fight against; themselves?

Remember, this is the first time that children are receiving this many vaccinations in all of human history. There are no 20 or 30 or 50 year studies on outcome. Sure, kids today might escape chickenpox, but what are the effects of today’s hyper-vaccination on long-term autoimmune disease, cancer, and mortality levels? The answer, sadly, is disease and death.

If you vaccinate a child for chickenpox, and it prevents the child from catching wild chickenpox, then you have:

  • Increase in glioma brain cancer risk – 15%
  • Increase in allergic rhinoconjunctivitis risk – 84%
  • Increase in asthma risk – 88%
  • Asthma increases risk of lung cancer – 85%

The American Brain Tumor Association lists gliomas as accounting for 30% of all brain cancer. That’s approximately 21,000 Americans per year. Wild chickenpox would prevent approximately 15% of these cases, which is 3,150. Let’s be conservative and reduce the number to 3,000. The bottom line is that the chicken pox vaccine is causing about 3,000 cases a year of brain cancer.

These long-term relationships are why parents should have to sign a Vaccine Risk Legal Disclosure.

10) Misplaced priorities.

Our society is thinking of health in terms of total vaccines received, how quickly we get on antibiotics for a cough, or whether we’ve dumped a packet of 5,000% vitamin C powder into our cup of water.

We have the wrong stats. We are rabid about doing things that are bad for our health.

We should be pursuing sustainable organics, cleaner air, urban access to sunlight, free places to be around nature; to live. These are the foundation of health, not “gold” insurance plans or more vaccinations.

Try this: take a plant and move it to an area with no sunlight and dirty air, provide only chlorinated water, and dump 5,000% vitamin C packets into the soil. Sprinkle in fluoride, thimerosal, and artificial colors. Let me know if health insurance saves that plant once disease sets in.

If you don’t like any of these 10 reasons, here’s a bonus reason. History has shown us that when all authorities say it has to be one way, it’s often the other way. Just visit the list of the excommunicated. We will be better-off if we allow minority dissent. Go ahead; recommend vaccinations, because most of the public is malnourished and may need them. But don’t force vaccinations on everyone. The evidence points to fresh food, sunlight, and exposure to wild viruses as the healthiest path for a child.


Indicates chickenpox reduces glioma brain tumor risk by 15%:

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Shows chickenpox protects against glioma brain tumors:

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Shows the varicella vaccine deprives benefits that wild-type offers, thereby increasing allergic rhinoconjunctivitis risk by 84%, and asthma risk by 88%:

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Shows asthma increases risk of lung cancer by 85%:

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Meta Analysis:

There are serious risks to thinking we can “skip” childhood viruses. Risks like brain cancer, asthma, lung cancer, leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Unfortunately, the “vaccination autism argument” had done immense public damage because it has fueled the “Salem Witch Hunt” of our times; today’s witches being anti-vaccination parents.

The Anti-Vax Witch Hunt has distracted us in two fatal ways:

  1. We are missing the obvious: our autism spike is being driven by radiation exposure to reproductive cells, covered at www.WhyAutismHappens.com
  2. Even though vaccinations are not driving autism, they are driving brain cancer, asthma, lung cancer, leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Religious exemption to vaccination should be upheld at the least. I am the father of two, and my religion is preventing cancer and disease for my children. That a government has the power to force my kids into higher risk of cancer to prevent chickenpox is, frankly, infuriating.

The American Brain Tumor Association lists gliomas as accounting for 30% of all brain cancer. That’s approximately 21,000 Americans per year. Wild chickenpox would prevent approximately 15% of these cases (or growth by an equivalent number), which is 3,150. Let’s be conservative and reduce the number to 3,000. The bottom line is that the chicken pox vaccine is causing about 3,000 cases a year of highly malignant brain cancer.

The increase in death, as well as healthcare cost, from picking the short-term approach of vaccination is shocking. Benelles philosophy, similar to long-term financial investing, is short-term pain for long-term gain. The fact that cancer rates increase dramatically for children who “skip” common childhood diseases via vaccination is a strong indicator that our benelles need to “go to school” by catching viruses, just as our children go to school to learn arithmetic.

Benelles calls upon a coalition of organic industries and concerned parents to bring a lawsuit against our government requiring parents to accept the long-term risks of vaccinating their children. This should be achievable as it would protect doctors, insurance companies, and the government.

The American middle class will be better off if we stop the  current anti-vaccination witch hunt and allow parents to choose an evidence-based health approach if they wish.

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