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I took 25 Years to do 3 Healthy Things


Here are three of the healthiest things I ever did in my life:

1. Stopped focusing on “quick” news.
2. Fired my financial adviser.
3. Worried less about what people would say.

Let’s discuss.

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved news. Newspapers showed me the world but their quality watered down in recent decades. Now, the news filters into meaninglessness in practically moments, like gum losing flavor. Chew and spit, chew and spit. This is transitory and meaningless.

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Sex and Autism


What do women and sex have to do with autism? Everything. And nothing.

Specifically, women are causing only about 20% of autism. But they give birth to 100% of babies with autism. Why is this?

It’s simple. To grow a healthy baby, you have to plant a healthy seed. And men are having an incredibly difficult time with this. Over the last 20 years, men’s seed has become sick and weak. The result is our autism spike.

At first, the magnitude of this seems impossible to believe. Autism has to be women’s fault; we all know that’s a fact. But it’s not. Autism is overwhelmingly driven by poor-quality seed from men.

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Rainforest Medicine is Lost on Apes


About 121 pharmaceutical drugs come from the rainforest. But what does “come from” mean?

It means corporations send paid teams to visit rainforest aborigines with practical knowledge of ethnobotany. The corporate team takes samples, a lab identifies the operative phytochemical, a legal team patents the chemical, and voila, a new synthetic rainforest drug is ready to sell to the world.

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