Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Bad Math of CT Scans


There’s bad math behind using CT scans for lung cancer screening. For every batch of 320 people, screening prevents one death while over-diagnosing 1.38 (Patz Jr et al 2013).

In the business world, those kind of numbers are called “a negative ROI”. It’s somewhat like giving mountains of cash to CEOs despite cratered leadership. And if my CEO is overpaid, I’m annoyed; not directly harmed. On the other hand, overusing poor-performing CT scans leads to damaged benelles.

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Across U.S., Kid’s Mental Health Nosedives


In the U.S., the mental health of our children is collapsing. From 1995 to 2010, the diagnosis of mental health disorders doubled for those younger than 21.

In comparison, mental health disorder diagnoses over the same period edged up by less than 6% for for adults, according to a Columbia University analysis based on a 16-year federal survey.

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