Monthly Archives: January 2014

Medicine is So Top 1%

limoAll those kids that spend years to become doctors because they “just want to help people”, well, they also don’t seem to mind spending lots of time and money fighting for more money.

Case in point: a “nonprofit” group of 2,000 primary care providers called the Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care (AAAPC) is suing a collection of four specialized allergy groups.

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How Cell Phones Cause Autism

baby cell phone

Cell phones are causing autism. At least most autism; what we would call the autism spike or epidemic. And it’s a really weird method of causation; it has nothing to do with pregnant mothers or kids actually using cell phones.

Honestly, there’s complex physics involved, but the main idea of how cell phones are causing so much autism is easy to understand. First, let’s pick up two facts and hold them flat in our hands under bright light: cell phones are strongly associated with autism, and fathers are causing most autism.

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