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Autism a Chronic Disease of Parents, Group Says

Why Autism Happens, an autism research group from Fort Worth, says a major branch of autism should be classified as a chronic disease of parents.

“The autistic are a living expression of their parents’ chronic disease,” says Robert Sparks, president of the group. “At least that’s what all the scientific data points to.”

Why Autism Happens claims that up to 80% of autism, what they term the “autism spike since 1995”, is being produced by the way fathers carry cell phones.

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The Dirty Little Lupus Secret

dirtyThere’s an easy explanation for why lupus and autoimmune disorders have skyrocketed in the United States—tripling between 1950 and 1992 (Uramoto et al 1999)—but we have to dive into some genetics first.

Women have two X chromosomes, but one stays inactive and is called Xi. Xi is packed away in a tight suitcase of facultative heterochromatin, where it mostly sleeps for the lifetime of the woman.

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