Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Cellular Savanna

Cellular natural selection works like natural selection on the savanna, but smaller. Harsh habitats weed out weak animals and weak cells; this has implications for cancer and health.

Imagine a savanna with herds of slow-moving antelope, lots of fresh water, and benevolent temperatures. Lions would abound. Weak lions, fat lions, mentally-deficient lions, and three-legged lions would all thrive. A portion of the lion population would remain fit and strong, but most would begin to drift in aberrant directions.

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Active Gravity and Dark Energy

dark energyGravity is a form of energy expressed whenever mass distorts space-time. Across the universe, gravity is expressed in rare instances for the reason that ordinary matter is uncommon, making up only around 5% of the universe’s particles.

Let’s say that you and I are made of superhero particles: we can create matter. Together, we decide to create a giant planet from nothingness, and then we hurl it into the recesses of space.

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