Monthly Archives: July 2014

Why Health is Elusive

elusive healthSomething will happen for 39,600 Americans this year. They’ll die of pancreatic cancer. Something else has happened for 1342 Americans: they’ve become billionaires.

Do you want $1 billion more than you don’t want pancreatic cancer? I don’t, which is why I feel health is more elusive and more valuable than $1 billion.

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The Universe as a Snake

UniverseSnakeThe reason the universe is expanding may be because it is like a snake eating its own tail. This could also explain why today’s universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Let’s rewind some billions of years to explain the basis of this theory.

Before inflation occurred, as described by Guth, we might think of the universe as a single small dot. Everything was one; entropy was infinite. The dot was so dense that it included all of space-time inside itself. Thus, there could be no gravity as we understand the word; there was no space-time to warp.

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