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Gravity Therapy

gravity_womanFeeling bad is painful and hurts our health. When we feel bad, we are sending a signal to our body that lowers our health. These negative signals are so powerful that if we keep sending them, we can even start to think about hurting ourselves.

If you are depressed, or in pain, or lonely, happiness can feel impossible. You might think that feeling happy is for “other people”, like everybody else but you.

Gravity therapy is one way to feel better. Gravity therapy is a natural way to stop negative thoughts and pain, so your benelles will heal and feel good.

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CEO Pay as Natural Selection

LloydCEO pay of large companies is about 330 times that of regular employees, and this means a great life for at least 330 American families.

What about the rest of the “top 10%” families? Well, many are successfully centered around a doctor, lawyer, mid-level executive, or financier. But in the anonymous and soul-crunching background, the other 90% of families are starting to look like a ragtag conglomerate of debt-serfs and welfare-survivalists.

Populists like to take pens against pond scum CEOs, but it is unlikely that CEOs, even with their crony compensation committees and captured boards, are what’s driving unbalanced pay.

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10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health

sun_benellesHere are 10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health:

1) Keep cell phones away from reproductive DNA. As WhyAutismHappens has shown, damaged paternal reproductive DNA is causing up to 80% of autism. Most autism is an extension of damaged parent’s benelles. Men are particularly vulnerable because they get radiation at two inches. Keeping your cell phone a minimum of 8 inches away from your reproductive DNA might keep autism out of your family.

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