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China Study Misses Chemicals

usdaThe China Study tells us animal protein is the main driver of heart problems, cancer and death. The author portrays cow’s milk as more harmful than smoking.

But The China Study is wrong. In 1993, according to the US Department of Agriculture, Americans consumed, on average: 11 pounds more of meat than in 1970; 76 fewer eggs; 6 gallons less milk; 22 gallons more of soft drinks; 48 pounds more of fruit; and 54 pounds more of grain products (Putnam et al 1994).

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Ebola, Smallpox and Walking Immunity

SONY DSCExperts claim Ebola kills over 70% of those infected. But data mining shows the fatality rate is more likely around 50%.

The evidence: research has found that up to 30% of villagers in Ebola-epicenter Gabon have anti-Ebola IgG (Georges et al 1999).

What that means: up to 30% of people in these villages caught Ebola and never even knew they had it.

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The Evolution of Ebola

ebolaThe current death toll of the 2014 Ebola outbreak is nearly 4,000. To put this outbreak in perspective, traffic fatalities for the state of Texas last year were 3,377, and the Black Death killed around 100,000,000 in the 14th century.

Ebola is a beautiful virus, with the whimsy of a dancing lady. Yet she is terrifying and appears to have a fatality rate on par with Black Death’s. Ebola is worthy of our respect and attention.

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Why is Health Analysis Illegal?

hippocrates-jailAmericans are addicted to analysis. There’s a revolving door of analysts: college football, bond markets, indie movies, mobile tech, abortion politics, doggie jackets, etc.

What’s great: freedom of speech allows down-and-dirty analysis. You can write harsh things about the Yankees’ pitching, or the way Goldman Sachs two-times their clients, or how plain dumb the president is. You can earn your crust analyzing those subjects.

However, if you provide independent health analysis, you risk legal trouble, including jail time. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, if he were alive today, would be shut down by the FDA, at the hand of corporate executives. This seems unconstitutional and un-American for a variety of reasons.

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