Monthly Archives: March 2015

What High Blood Pressure Means

Evidence shows taking drugs to lower blood pressure is harmful to your health. In older people, antihypertensives caused heart attacks and dementia (Mossello et al 2015).

This makes sense. Heart and brain tissue needs a strong, steady blood flow. If we override benelles, using chemicals to “force down” blood pressure, denying nutrients and oxygen to important tissues, the predictable outcome would be more heart attacks and dementia.

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Autism, Technology and Cholesterol

child HeadCholesterol clogs our arteries and kills us. Except when it protects us. Over the last 20 years, high cholesterol has likely become a marker for health.

Autistic boys have abnormally low levels of HDL cholesterol (Eun-Kyung et al 2010). Low cholesterol levels did not cause their autism, but the low cholesterol levels are likely a weakness that natural selection is selecting against.

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Salt is Good and Bad

saltLike exercise, salt increases blood circulation. But salt does so chemically. Exercise is hard work, but eating salt is easy; so, wouldn’t it be easier to eat our way to heath than do hard work?

Not so fast. With salt, there’s a hidden price to pay. You need to eat healthy with the salt to extract the benefits. And anyone who both exercises and eats healthy will tell you: eating healthy is harder than exercising. You only have to find a patch of energy for a short daily workout, but finding and preparing healthy food is Sisyphean.

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