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Virus Ingestion

Similar to immunology, an idea occurred to me to ingest the weakened form of an active virus in a controlled fashion.

Our family tracks together on viruses. In the past few years, when one of us catches a virus, the other three catch it. And we are laden with viruses, but not doctor visits. In 2013, we went to the doctor not at all, except to get school-mandated wellness notes for the kids. In 2014, we had only one doctor’s visit, which was diagnostic; I wanted blood work to help me understand a rash on my left leg.

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Grading our Healthcare System

FWe can categorize medical treatment broadly as emergency, non-emergency, and chronic.

Emergency treatment would include repairing a compound fracture, stitching a laceration, treating a heart attack, providing a blood transfusion, etc.

Actual emergencies are rare. And currently, our healthcare system is handling emergency treatment without major needs of reform. The one problem would be a tendency to overreact instead of providing careful observation. For instance, poisonings and head injuries are often over-treated, causing further harm.   Continue reading