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What is Gout? It’s Good.

gout-benellesGout is an ancillary condition of your body protecting against glucose poisoning. Glucose poisoning occurs from habitual consumption of too much sugar and processed food, a proxy of sugar. Gout usually diminishes as your glucose condition worsens, thus when gout goes away, it can be a signal of diabetes.

When your benelles become glucose saturated, they refuse more glucose, in order to protect their health. To tell the blood “no more sugar please”, they refuse insulin. The term for this is insulin intolerance.

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Fast Past Middle Class

fastpastIn America, during the golden years of 1947 to 1974, there was intense demand for human labor—practically a decent paying job for anyone who wanted to work. The universe wanted the American middle class to win.

Since 1974, in America, only corporations and the cognitive elite have done well. Yes, there was a mirage of middle class well-being during the Internet bubble, but it left behind dry sand.

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Health by Virus (HbV)

virusCertain subjects light fear like striking a match. Snakes kill two people per year in Texas, but they terrify us. Yet without snakes, rats would increase, causing disease that would kill more people than snakes.

Our capacity to over-fear snakes bears resemblance to healthcare’s overreaction to viruses, which, like snakes, play a crucial role. For instance, in a world where dental x-rays and cell phones have increased our risk of glial brain tumor by over 30%, wild chickenpox reduces glial brain tumor risk by 15%.

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