5 Popular Health Lies

five1) Salt is bad.

Truth: Being low on salt is bad.

People who reduce their salt intake to U.S. dietary guidelines are 37% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease, and 28% more likely to die overall. Salt protects your heart and helps lift blood pressure to your body’s desired level.

How did the “salt is bad” misconception start? Because processed foods are high in salt, and processed foods really are bad for us. Instead of seeing that processed foods are doing the damage, our health professionals jumped to the conclusion that salt is to blame.

Processed foods lack antioxidants and therefore damage our blood vessels. Like a kinked hose, a damaged blood vessel needs higher blood pressure for the blood to flow past the damaged points. Salt gives the body the ability to reach whatever level of blood pressure is needed to feed your cells on the other side of the kinks. Going on a low salt diet takes this power away, and sends your body into a panic, triggering renin production, which further damages the damaged blood vessels, causing higher blood pressure.

2) Diabetes is when you can’t produce enough insulin.

Truth: For diabetics, the pancreas is generally producing the correct level of insulin.

When you eat processed foods, they break down quickly, and all your cells get enough glucose in a hurry. They get “full” and want no more. When they stop taking more glucose, the pancreas understands to reduce insulin levels to protect benelles from glucose damage. Then the processed food, devoid of antioxidants, becomes toxic glucose sludge in your blood vessels, causing long-term damage.

How did this “can’t make enough insulin” misconception start? Our health professionals looked at correlation instead of causation. It’s quite true that diabetics usually produce less insulin, and this is normal and healthy, given their unhealthy diet. If they started eating natural foods, their insulin levels would return to normal.

3) Immunizations are healthy.

Truth: Immunizations do reduce viruses during childhood, but substantially increase later-in-life diseases like brain cancer, asthma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and childhood leukemia.

The evidence shows that children who take immunizations—instead of catching the wild type virus—have impaired immune systems.

Immunizations are a form of short-term trade-off. You get to avoid the chickenpox, the flu, and the mumps…for an increased chance of a mortal illness later in life.

How did this misconception start? At first, it was easy to assume that we were being healthy by avoiding viruses. There were no studies to indicate what the long-term risks were. Parents hate seeing their kids sick and figure they’re helping their children by immunizing the viruses away. On the surface, it’s sunny and all makes sense.

The deep, dark question is, since the data shows that immunizations increase brain cancer, asthma, and leukemia risk, is the government liable for not informing parents of this?

4) Your doctor knows best.

Truth: Your doctor gets it wrong all the time.

Autopsy reports show that doctors treat patients wrong about 20% of the time. Furthermore, 42% of all US primary care physicians think that their own patients are receiving too much medical care.

Even when doctors understand the patient’s condition, they perform the wrong action. Let’s do an analysis of the first three misconceptions to illustrate this.

  • If you are a heart patient, doctors will tell you to go on a low salt diet. But the evidence shows that a low salt diet is bad for your heart and will increase your chance of death.
  • If you are a diabetic, doctors will give you a prescription for insulin. Instead of healthy advice that might reverse diabetes, adding insulin is throwing fuel on the fire, making diabetes worse.
  • If you are a parent, doctors force you to vaccinate your children. As soon as the child is vaccinated, her long-term chances of brain cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia rise sharply.

The evidence shows your benelles know more than your doctor. Doctors are suspicious of benelles, usually assuming that benelles are defective; the source of sickness. Unfortunately, the evidence shows when doctors try to control benelles, you become sicker. This means the benelles knew more, but were silenced.

5) Antibiotics are lifesavers.

Truth: Antibiotics can save lives, but are also life-takers.

Compared with not taking antibiotics, popular antibiotics azithromycin and levofloxacin increase your risk of death by 85%, meaning they have a penchant for killing you along with whatever bronchitis you’re taking them for. Which is part of the problem: doctors are giving antibiotics for what they cannot treat, viruses and minor irritations. The risk/reward relationship of taking a cardiotoxic antibiotic for a condition the antibiotic doesn’t treat is poor. It makes sense to protect, not pluck, heart benelles. A scab heals improperly, with permanent scar tissue, if you pick at it; the same happens when you pluck benelles with prescription drugs, as evidenced by the higher death rate.

Evidence shows men who take another common antibiotic, tetracycline, damage their sperm production and their male children’s sperm—even if the son never takes the drug. The implication of this is that doctors have been treating men for chest colds with a drug that likely reduces the IQ and strength of their children and grandchildren, or prevents any children at all. But since “doctors know best”, how many men have ever told their doctor, “Sir, I refuse that antibiotic for my stomach ulcer because I can get past the ulcer, but I don’t want a son with autism.” In our society, that’s crazy talk…but it’s true.

Unlike antibiotics, organic food fights infections in a safe way. But there is not enough organic food supply for the poor and middle class, who are forced to survive on processed food, which in turn, causes disease. Once they have disease, they visit a doctor, who prescribes toxic drugs, instructing them never to miss a dose, even if it makes them feel bad. This is a tragic short-term approach, fully endorsed by the government, and you are seeing the results as our healthcare system bogs down under the weight of sick, obese people.


Shows low salt diets are 28% more deadly:

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Indicates chickenpox reduces glioma brain tumor risk by 15%:

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Shows asthma increases risk of lung cancer by 85%:

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Shows women who had childhood measles had 30% less risk of  Hodgkin’s lymphoma:

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Shows catching a persistent cough in first year of life reduces childhood leukemia risk by 23%:

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Autopsy reports show doctors misdiagnose 20% of the time:

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Shows 42% of all US primary care physicians think that their own patients are receiving too much medical care:

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Shows taking azithromycin and levofloxacin increase your risk of death by 85% (compared to no antibiotic):

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Shows tetracycline destroys the health of both father’s and son’s sperm:

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Meta Analysis

Today, we trust doctors, processed food, immunizations, ionizing radiation, and prescription drugs. We think salt is dangerous and our pancreases just aren’t working right anymore. Currently, our government is working to expand our “safe, scientific” healthcare, forcing all children to be vaccinated, all people to carry a conventional healthcare plan, all kids to get a doctor’s note, and so forth.

Benelles sees our national healthcare as unsafe and unscientific. Similar to our current disastrous financial situation, with the 50 states and Puerto Rico being bankrupt—and perpetual deficits and emergency funding bills at the federal level—the government is legislating us into a permanent short-term corner. The government is making health laws that are the opposite of what the long-term evidence shows is healthy. Even worse, due to regulatory capture, an educated minority is being disallowed from making smart, calculated health choices. There is no longer freedom in America when it comes to health.

We can begin repair of our failing healthcare system by allowing a Benelles path within the current framework. This would allow doctors to depart from their greater herd and still be paid to advise patients in an evidence-based manner. Right now, doctors have to go with pharma, or not be paid. I would choose the path of getting paid; wouldn’t you? But if I was allowed to be paid the same, and I could advise patients in a truthful way, then I would choose the truthful way. For instance, a benelles doctor should be paid the same to tell a pre-diabetic, “It’s actually not that your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin, it’s that you are poisoning your body with processed foods. I can prescribe insulin for you to inject, but I think it will harm your health if I do. Instead, I can write you a prescription which will be honored to purchase up to $300 of unprocessed food per month. If you start walking everyday and eating the natural food, it may save your life.”

This approach is legitimate and sensible. It would shift the health of the middle class into the long-term, which is to say, make it better. It would attach the powerful placebo effect to healthy habits. At $300 per patient per month, It would reduce national healthcare costs and moral hazard. Finally, it would shift taxpayer handouts from pharma to new, sustainable industries like organic foods, which would help a swathe of the middle class instead of just pharma CEOs and stockholders. Again, the Benelles approach would be an optional approach; the conventional medicine people could stick with their current doctors and drugs. In the end, how would this expression of tolerance be different from allowing religious minorities in our country?