A Doctor-less Year


My family had 81 sicknesses this year but never went to the doctor once, minus two state-required bureaucracy visits to get “wellness” notes.¬†We’re a family of four: two working parents in their 30s, a five-year-old, and a two-year-old.

Seasonal allergies were included in the total, as were my chronic high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure. Anything that the average American seeks treatment for was included in the total.

This leads us to the question of what American medical treatment really is. Had we sought professional medical treatment, we’d likely have received more than 18 x-rays, 20 rounds of antibiotics, and numerous prescription drugs. We’re healthy today; would we be healthier if we could go back and take the x-rays, antibiotics, and drugs?

Keep in mind I have a fantastic Department of Defense medical plan. I can go see any specialist you could possibly think of. I could easily buy as many x-rays and prescription drugs for my kids as the richest man in the land. You ask, well why wouldn’t you? I ask, why?

We achieve better outcomes than we can buy from doctors, which translates to low demand for doctors in our house. True, we have to spend about $150 a week at Whole Foods on natural foods and herbs, and not every family could afford that; but many could. It’s a small sum with a large payoff: we don’t have to live under fear tactics; or hurry around town to sundry medical centers for tests and follow-ups; plus, we avoid DNA damage. Instead of fear and frenzy, we relax, and our benelles heal.

State-approved medicine is a short-term gamble; benelles are a diversified trust fund. I never gamble my money when I have opportunity to invest it.

How can I think that way? Because our benelles quickly recovered from major ailments this year: flu, crypto, strep throat, pneumonia, pericarditis, and RSV. At one point, a wound on my two-year-old son’s thumb turned the digit dark purple. This, too, healed within less than a week. Here’s a health matrix if you want solutions.

Getting sick is normal and healthy. Viruses symbiotically destroy cancer cells across your body that are incapable of being trained-up like benelles.

Ingesting exotic chemicals and radiation in the name of health is not healthy. Chemicals and radiation destroy benelles, causing cancer cells around your body. Our medical industry’s solution for cancer cells is additional chemicals and radiation. It’s so one-dimensional.

Maybe you’re a doctor or love going to doctors. Ok, fine; I won’t think twice about your family going to the doctor 81 times a year. I’m merely appealing to the public for an allowance to consider what medicine is. It’s an important debate, because I don’t think I should be required by law to provide a doctor’s note to the school when my little girl is sick.

The state should not dictate what medicine is for everyone. The best health outcomes are non-commercial and achieved outside of state-sanctioned medicine. My American family patriotically proved this 81 times this year.

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