Across U.S., Kid’s Mental Health Nosedives


In the U.S., the mental health of our children is collapsing. From 1995 to 2010, the diagnosis of mental health disorders doubled for those younger than 21.

In comparison, mental health disorder diagnoses over the same period edged up by less than 6% for for adults, according to a Columbia University analysis based on a 16-year federal survey.

Why is the mental health of our kids plummeting while the mental health of our adults stays about the same? Because the adults are physically causing the mental health disorders in the children. This health paradox can be easily explained with a closer look at autism over the last 20 years.

Recent autism research revealed that 80% of mutations leading to autism are from fathers. This means autism and mental health orders in kids have spiked in tandem.

DNA mutations which spike autism are causing a spectrum of mental health disorders in general. In the majority of cases, autism “spectrum” disorder has become a catch-all term which has come to describe damaged reproductive DNA from fathers that causes a wide-ranging, pejorative effect on children’s mental health that’s hard to exactly define or pinpoint.

The takeaway here is that damaged reproductive DNA from fathers has been damaging the mental health of kids across the country since about 1995.

The magnitude of this damaged paternal DNA is enormous. Many of the children cannot carry on a normal life. It is not a stretch to speculate that many of the school shootings over the past 10 years may be related to social IQ deficiencies in children caused by inherited, damaged DNA from fathers.

Why have men become carriers of poor mental health in our children? Because men’s reproductive DNA is receiving up to 16 times more radiation on a daily basis compared with women’s. details the physics behind cell phone radio-frequency radiation hitting men’s reproductive cells 16 times harder than women’s. With radiation, it matters how close the radiation comes. In front pockets, men’s reproductive cells are coming much closer to cell phone radiation, so they’re experiencing much more damage. That extra damage explains why 80% of autism is caused by fathers.

Oftentimes over the last 20 years, a baby has received a healthy egg cell from the mother but a damaged sperm cell from the father. This leads to babies with mental health problems, like autism. This same reproductive pattern encompasses the full array of mental health disorders, explaining the nosedive in kid’s mental health over the last two decades.

A minor, everyday radiation exposure to adults has been harming our kid’s mental health. The solution is for men to carry their cell phones further away from their reproductive cells.

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