Autism a Chronic Disease of Parents, Group Says

Why Autism Happens, an autism research group from Fort Worth, says a major branch of autism should be classified as a chronic disease of parents.

“The autistic are a living expression of their parents’ chronic disease,” says Robert Sparks, president of the group. “At least that’s what all the scientific data points to.”

Why Autism Happens claims that up to 80% of autism, what they term the “autism spike since 1995”, is being produced by the way fathers carry cell phones.

“You see”, says Sparks, “cell phones transmit to cell towers. Those radiation transmissions, which are powerful enough to reach cell towers thousands of feet away, are hitting men’s reproductive cells while in front pockets at just two inches away.”

Why Autism Happens contends that small exposures to RF radiation over a long period of time leads to chronic disease of reproductive DNA. Thus, the group asserts, autism should be thought of as a chronic disease of the parents’ reproductive DNA.

“Every chronic condition has a main cause,” says Sparks, “and so does autism. Poor diet and lack of exercise cause heart disease. Smoking causes lung cancer. Carrying your cell phone in your front pocket causes autism in offspring. Heart disease, lung cancer, and autism are all chronic conditions that are relatively slow in the making. It’s just that autism isn’t expressed until the next generation.”

Sparks points out that it’s easy to understand eating poorly leads to heart disease. “But,” he says, “it’s much harder to see that an autistic child is really an expression of the father’s chronic disease. The father’s reproductive DNA became chronically sick from frequent radiation exposure before the child was born.”

“Autism is not the child’s fault at all,” continues Sparks. “Even though the child has to live with autism, the condition is actually a chronic disease of the reproductive cells the child was conceived with.”

When asked about what solutions his group had come up with, Sparks pursed his lips before saying, “There isn’t a quick fix, Men are going to have to learn to carry their cell phones differently, It’s going to take time for the message to get out, and for people to form new habits. I mean, just think how long it’s taken for society to curb smoking.”

Why Autism Happens clarified they do not have any unique insight into autism before 1995, when cell phones became popularized. Their website is

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  1. atndixie

    Seems like a bunch of bs to me. My child has Asperger’s and his dad did not carry a cell phone in his pocket. He didn’t even have one in 1994 when my child was born.

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