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Five More Popular Health Lies

fiveball1) Organic food is too expensive.

Truth:  Processed food is too expensive.

Processed food puts wear and tear on your benelles, causing chronic sickness. Most diabetes, heart disease, and obesity is from processed food. This means processed food is behind the bulk of today’s healthcare costs, making it the most expensive slop in town.

Really, it depends on value and priority. Yes, you can save money for fun stuff by buying the cheapest processed meat around. And those hot dogs will keep you alive, but increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 19%.

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Autism, Technology and Cholesterol

child HeadCholesterol clogs our arteries and kills us. Except when it protects us. Over the last 20 years, high cholesterol has likely become a marker for health.

Autistic boys have abnormally low levels of HDL cholesterol (Eun-Kyung et al 2010). Low cholesterol levels did not cause their autism, but the low cholesterol levels are likely a weakness that natural selection is selecting against.

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10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health

sun_benellesHere are 10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health:

1) Keep cell phones away from reproductive DNA. As WhyAutismHappens has shown, damaged paternal reproductive DNA is causing up to 80% of autism. Most autism is an extension of damaged parent’s benelles. Men are particularly vulnerable because they get radiation at two inches. Keeping your cell phone a minimum of 8 inches away from your reproductive DNA might keep autism out of your family.

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Autism a Chronic Disease of Parents, Group Says

Why Autism Happens, an autism research group from Fort Worth, says a major branch of autism should be classified as a chronic disease of parents.

“The autistic are a living expression of their parents’ chronic disease,” says Robert Sparks, president of the group. “At least that’s what all the scientific data points to.”

Why Autism Happens claims that up to 80% of autism, what they term the “autism spike since 1995”, is being produced by the way fathers carry cell phones.

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Robots and Autism

robotsSome experts believe robots will gain a human level of intelligence by 2050. Of course, experts in the 1950s were saying the same thing would happen by the 1980s, and they were wrong.

Regardless, our society is marching toward robotic, wirelessly-networked technology. And this puts old-fashioned wetware under immense new pressures.

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How Cell Phones Cause Autism

baby cell phone

Cell phones are causing autism. At least most autism; what we would call the autism spike or epidemic. And it’s a really weird method of causation; it has nothing to do with pregnant mothers or kids actually using cell phones.

Honestly, there’s complex physics involved, but the main idea of how cell phones are causing so much autism is easy to understand. First, let’s pick up two facts and hold them flat in our hands under bright light: cell phones are strongly associated with autism, and fathers are causing most autism.

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Across U.S., Kid’s Mental Health Nosedives


In the U.S., the mental health of our children is collapsing. From 1995 to 2010, the diagnosis of mental health disorders doubled for those younger than 21.

In comparison, mental health disorder diagnoses over the same period edged up by less than 6% for for adults, according to a Columbia University analysis based on a 16-year federal survey.

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Sex and Autism


What do women and sex have to do with autism? Everything. And nothing.

Specifically, women are causing only about 20% of autism. But they give birth to 100% of babies with autism. Why is this?

It’s simple. To grow a healthy baby, you have to plant a healthy seed. And men are having an incredibly difficult time with this. Over the last 20 years, men’s seed has become sick and weak. The result is our autism spike.

At first, the magnitude of this seems impossible to believe. Autism has to be women’s fault; we all know that’s a fact. But it’s not. Autism is overwhelmingly driven by poor-quality seed from men.

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