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What High Blood Pressure Means

Evidence shows taking drugs to lower blood pressure is harmful to your health. In older people, antihypertensives caused heart attacks and dementia (Mossello et al 2015).

This makes sense. Heart and brain tissue needs a strong, steady blood flow. If we override benelles, using chemicals to “force down” blood pressure, denying nutrients and oxygen to important tissues, the predictable outcome would be more heart attacks and dementia.

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Salt is Good and Bad

saltLike exercise, salt increases blood circulation. But salt does so chemically. Exercise is hard work, but eating salt is easy; so, wouldn’t it be easier to eat our way to heath than do hard work?

Not so fast. With salt, there’s a hidden price to pay. You need to eat healthy with the salt to extract the benefits. And anyone who both exercises and eats healthy will tell you: eating healthy is harder than exercising. You only have to find a patch of energy for a short daily workout, but finding and preparing healthy food is Sisyphean.

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Clinical Notes: Patient with Red Leg Rash

Patient complained of onset of red rash on his left leg below the knee in January 2014. Patient described an “unbearable” itch during a 20-minute onset of the condition, and described himself as being kneeled down on carpet at the time. The patient responded with vigorous fingernail itching, leaving red skin contusions. The contusions persisted as petechiae but without any itch.

In July 2014, the patient sought diagnostic testing which revealed he was low in vitamin D and high in cholesterol. The patient had feared autoimmune disease because of rash persistence by this point but testing showed normal leukocyte levels and no autoimmune disease markers.

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Diuretics are Loopy

“It takes 50 years to get a wrong idea out of medicine, and 100 years a right one into medicine.” —John Hughlings Jackson, neurologist

Loop diuretics, one of the most prescribed drugs in the country, are bad for people.loopy diuretics

Diuretics can relieve the symptom of fluid congestion by forcing you to pee more. But, diuretics:

Research shows that people with heart failure may actually have the failure due to diuretics (Bayliss et al 1987). Furthermore, withdrawal of diuretics cause patients to see improvements in kidney function (Galve 2005). And, if the doctor increases your dose of loop diuretics, he’s increasing your chances of death (Hasselblad et al 2007).

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Why Salt is Good for You

heartSalt keeps our renin and aldersterone levels low. That’s good, because elevation of those hormones causes a stiffening of the heart, and death of heart cells (Zannad 1995).

Low-salt diets increase renin, and renin’s job is to increase blood pressure. Thus, low-salt diets are exactly the wrong solution to lower blood pressure.

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Why Health is Elusive

elusive healthSomething will happen for 39,600 Americans this year. They’ll die of pancreatic cancer. Something else has happened for 1342 Americans: they’ve become billionaires.

Do you want $1 billion more than you don’t want pancreatic cancer? I don’t, which is why I feel health is more elusive and more valuable than $1 billion.

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Dear FDA: Plastic in Our Blood is Bad

fat kidDear FDA:

A new study has confirmed packaging food and water in BPA containers causes abnormal waist circumference–to–height ratios in our kids. Basically, plastic in our kid’s blood makes them fat.

Much of the world has already decided to protect their children. Japan, Spain, and France have already halted their use of BPA. Hopefully, the poor and middle class in the U.S. have read this new study and have re-formed their habits away from eating and drinking plastic residue.

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