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Rainforest Medicine is Lost on Apes


About 121 pharmaceutical drugs come from the rainforest. But what does “come from” mean?

It means corporations send paid teams to visit rainforest aborigines with practical knowledge of ethnobotany. The corporate team takes samples, a lab identifies the operative phytochemical, a legal team patents the chemical, and voila, a new synthetic rainforest drug is ready to sell to the world.

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Brain-Eating Amoebas Kill You 98% of the Time

hannibal amoebas

There are brain-eating amoebas in our rivers, lakes, and mud puddles. They’re also in our swimming pools and municipal drinking water.

One errant splash of infected water up your nose is all it takes. The brain-eating amoeba will multiply, eat through your nasal tissue, up your brain stem, and devour your brain with a sporting 98% fatality rate.

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