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10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health

sun_benellesHere are 10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health:

1) Keep cell phones away from reproductive DNA. As WhyAutismHappens has shown, damaged paternal reproductive DNA is causing up to 80% of autism. Most autism is an extension of damaged parent’s benelles. Men are particularly vulnerable because they get radiation at two inches. Keeping your cell phone a minimum of 8 inches away from your reproductive DNA might keep autism out of your family.

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The Dirty Little Lupus Secret

dirtyThere’s an easy explanation for why lupus and autoimmune disorders have skyrocketed in the United States—tripling between 1950 and 1992 (Uramoto et al 1999)—but we have to dive into some genetics first.

Women have two X chromosomes, but one stays inactive and is called Xi. Xi is packed away in a tight suitcase of facultative heterochromatin, where it mostly sleeps for the lifetime of the woman.

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Dear FDA: Plastic in Our Blood is Bad

fat kidDear FDA:

A new study has confirmed packaging food and water in BPA containers causes abnormal waist circumference–to–height ratios in our kids. Basically, plastic in our kid’s blood makes them fat.

Much of the world has already decided to protect their children. Japan, Spain, and France have already halted their use of BPA. Hopefully, the poor and middle class in the U.S. have read this new study and have re-formed their habits away from eating and drinking plastic residue.

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