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Vaccine Related Deaths

math-symbols-union-intersectionVaccine-related deaths in the U.S. are over 26,000 a year. The deaths are not by needle in arm, but occur years later, with union and intersection to vaccinations, in a way that is illuminated by statistics.

First, a foil will set our stage. HIV weakens the immune system by direct attack; vaccinations weaken benelles by never using them. Thus an “AIDS vaccine” would be an irony, and odd, since the solution for AIDS is within HIV, but we digress. In a nutshell, disuse presents risk by blocking health-by-virus (HbV).

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Vaccine Risk Legal Disclosure

vaccination disclosureThis risk disclosure agreement is for parents who are vaccinating a child.

Vaccination is important for your child’s health and involves certain risks to his/her long-term health. You are choosing to vaccinate your child. Your signature is required that you accept these risks, and you agree not to bring lawsuit against your doctor, health insurance provider, or state government in the event your child comes down with a serious illness later in life.

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Health by Virus (HbV)

virusCertain subjects light fear like striking a match. Snakes kill two people per year in Texas, but they terrify us. Yet without snakes, rats would increase, causing disease that would kill more people than snakes.

Our capacity to over-fear snakes bears resemblance to healthcare’s overreaction to viruses, which, like snakes, play a crucial role. For instance, in a world where dental x-rays and cell phones have increased our risk of glial brain tumor by over 30%, wild chickenpox reduces glial brain tumor risk by 15%.

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Virus Ingestion

Similar to immunology, an idea occurred to me to ingest the weakened form of an active virus in a controlled fashion.

Our family tracks together on viruses. In the past few years, when one of us catches a virus, the other three catch it. And we are laden with viruses, but not doctor visits. In 2013, we went to the doctor not at all, except to get school-mandated wellness notes for the kids. In 2014, we had only one doctor’s visit, which was diagnostic; I wanted blood work to help me understand a rash on my left leg.

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10 Reasons to Question Vaccines

question-vaccination1) The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

75 cents of every vaccination goes toward reimbursing other children who are injured by vaccination. Every measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is $2.25 collected by the government to reimburse other children that are vaccine-injured.

As a parent, it’s okay to ask, “Is a chance of permanent damage to my child worth some protection against measles and mumps?”

Are you a good parent if you don’t ask?

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Brain-Eating Amoebas Kill You 98% of the Time

hannibal amoebas

There are brain-eating amoebas in our rivers, lakes, and mud puddles. They’re also in our swimming pools and municipal drinking water.

One errant splash of infected water up your nose is all it takes. The brain-eating amoeba will multiply, eat through your nasal tissue, up your brain stem, and devour your brain with a sporting 98% fatality rate.

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How Germ Theory Made Us Sick

The germ theory of disease has been the core of western medicine for about 140 years. The theory is that microorganisms get inside us and make us sick.

It’s hard to argue with germ theory. Especially if you’re a big corporation, pharmaceutical company, or doctor. Listerine is for sale to kill germs in your mouth, Purell for your hands, Z-Packs for the internal, and Lysol for around your house. Doctors get paid to recommend germ-busting products.

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