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What is Gout? It’s Good.

gout-benellesGout is an ancillary condition of your body protecting against glucose poisoning. Glucose poisoning occurs from habitual consumption of too much sugar and processed food, a proxy of sugar. Gout usually diminishes as your glucose condition worsens, thus when gout goes away, it can be a signal of diabetes.

When your benelles become glucose saturated, they refuse more glucose, in order to protect their health. To tell the blood “no more sugar please”, they refuse insulin. The term for this is insulin intolerance.

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Diuretics are Loopy

“It takes 50 years to get a wrong idea out of medicine, and 100 years a right one into medicine.” —John Hughlings Jackson, neurologist

Loop diuretics, one of the most prescribed drugs in the country, are bad for people.loopy diuretics

Diuretics can relieve the symptom of fluid congestion by forcing you to pee more. But, diuretics:

Research shows that people with heart failure may actually have the failure due to diuretics (Bayliss et al 1987). Furthermore, withdrawal of diuretics cause patients to see improvements in kidney function (Galve 2005). And, if the doctor increases your dose of loop diuretics, he’s increasing your chances of death (Hasselblad et al 2007).

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