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Five More Popular Health Lies

fiveball1) Organic food is too expensive.

Truth:  Processed food is too expensive.

Processed food puts wear and tear on your benelles, causing chronic sickness. Most diabetes, heart disease, and obesity is from processed food. This means processed food is behind the bulk of today’s healthcare costs, making it the most expensive slop in town.

Really, it depends on value and priority. Yes, you can save money for fun stuff by buying the cheapest processed meat around. And those hot dogs will keep you alive, but increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 19%.

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The Dirty Little Lupus Secret

dirtyThere’s an easy explanation for why lupus and autoimmune disorders have skyrocketed in the United States—tripling between 1950 and 1992 (Uramoto et al 1999)—but we have to dive into some genetics first.

Women have two X chromosomes, but one stays inactive and is called Xi. Xi is packed away in a tight suitcase of facultative heterochromatin, where it mostly sleeps for the lifetime of the woman.

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Rainforest Medicine is Lost on Apes


About 121 pharmaceutical drugs come from the rainforest. But what does “come from” mean?

It means corporations send paid teams to visit rainforest aborigines with practical knowledge of ethnobotany. The corporate team takes samples, a lab identifies the operative phytochemical, a legal team patents the chemical, and voila, a new synthetic rainforest drug is ready to sell to the world.

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How Germ Theory Made Us Sick

The germ theory of disease has been the core of western medicine for about 140 years. The theory is that microorganisms get inside us and make us sick.

It’s hard to argue with germ theory. Especially if you’re a big corporation, pharmaceutical company, or doctor. Listerine is for sale to kill germs in your mouth, Purell for your hands, Z-Packs for the internal, and Lysol for around your house. Doctors get paid to recommend germ-busting products.

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