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10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health

sun_benellesHere are 10 Unconventional Actions for Better Health:

1) Keep cell phones away from reproductive DNA. As WhyAutismHappens has shown, damaged paternal reproductive DNA is causing up to 80% of autism. Most autism is an extension of damaged parent’s benelles. Men are particularly vulnerable because they get radiation at two inches. Keeping your cell phone a minimum of 8 inches away from your reproductive DNA might keep autism out of your family.

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Why Health is Elusive

elusive healthSomething will happen for 39,600 Americans this year. They’ll die of pancreatic cancer. Something else has happened for 1342 Americans: they’ve become billionaires.

Do you want $1 billion more than you don’t want pancreatic cancer? I don’t, which is why I feel health is more elusive and more valuable than $1 billion.

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When Doctors Harm

The top two causes of death in the United States are heart disease and cancer. But few people realize the third leading cause of death: medical treatment.

Iatrogenesis is harm caused by doctors. It’s not a word most Americans are familiar with, because they trust doctors to make prudent health decisions. But if prudence were happening, iatrogenesis would not be the third leading cause of death.

Truthfully, 225,000 annual deaths caused by doctors is low-balling (Starfield 2000). Much heart disease and cancer has been caused by medical treatment but the difficulty of proving that leads to undercounting. If we could magically trace people’s cancer and heart disease to the original damage, medical treatment would probably be the leading cause of death in our country. In fact, a group of doctors already believes this; that conventional medicine is causing over 780,000 deaths a year (Null et al 2004).

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The Great American Placebo Heist

placebo heist

A big part of how we get well is the placebo response: thinking we are getting better makes us better. And doctors know this; over half routinely prescribe placebos to patients (Tilburt et al 2008).

Whoever has the authority to control the placebo response will become rich and powerful. A doctor could give you sugar pills and you’d get 30% to 75% better. But who has the right to give out “sugar pills”? Today, the government authorizes control of the placebo response to doctors and large corporations, which is unfortunate since doctors and corporations tend to harm benelles, the foundation of health.

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