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Doctors’ Fear is Making Us Sick

A new study published in HealthAffairs highlights physician over-treatment of patients, based on the physician’s fear of lawsuit.

We found that physicians who reported a high level of malpractice concern were most likely to engage in practices that would be considered defensive when diagnosing patients who visited their offices with new complaints of chest pain, headache, or lower back pain. No consistent relationship was seen, however, when state-level indicators of malpractice risk replaced self-rated concern. Reducing defensive medicine may require approaches focused on physicians’ perceptions of legal risk and the underlying factors driving those perceptions.

Here are 5 reasons this over-treatment is hurting us:

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Rockefeller Medicine


When John D. Rockefeller was 33, he made his first million.

At 53, he was so physically ill, he had to drink human milk to survive. He was the world’s richest man, he was still young, and he was vis-a-vis giving away the world’s largest inheritance.

Instead Rockefeller lived to the age of 98. He accomplished that by paying the world’s best doctors to provide him the world’s best medical advice in 1893, which was:

1. Avoid worry. Never worry about anything, under any kind of circumstances.

2. Relax, and take plenty of mild exercise in the open air.

3. Watch your diet. Always stop eating while you’re still a little hungry.

Medicine has come a long way since 1893. Today, Rockefeller would have had CAT scans, MRI’s, hospital stays, super vitamins, and probably 5 or more prescription drugs…all of which would have plucked benelles.

But really, what was wrong with the 1893 results? They got an extra 44 years, dying at 97.

The takeaway here is that professionals just over a hundred years ago weren’t trained to push products. No patents, no machinery, or no service professionals were needed as part of the solution which saved John D’s life. If a doctor today had a free 3-step path, no one would trust him. Why is that?

The best doctors in 1893 trusted benelles. They knew that: 1) Worry causes chemical reactions inside your body that harm benelles, 2) Mild exercise in open air activates maximum benelle output against disease, and 3) Moderation in diet allows pancreatic and digestive benelles to reverse disease.

If they could time travel, people from 1893 would be really impressed with what great sales skills doctors have. But they might frown upon the fact that America decided to bankrupt herself over-buying medical services and products which didn’t help her benelles.


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