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Five More Popular Health Lies

fiveball1) Organic food is too expensive.

Truth:  Processed food is too expensive.

Processed food puts wear and tear on your benelles, causing chronic sickness. Most diabetes, heart disease, and obesity is from processed food. This means processed food is behind the bulk of today’s healthcare costs, making it the most expensive slop in town.

Really, it depends on value and priority. Yes, you can save money for fun stuff by buying the cheapest processed meat around. And those hot dogs will keep you alive, but increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 19%.

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I took 25 Years to do 3 Healthy Things


Here are three of the healthiest things I ever did in my life:

1. Stopped focusing on “quick” news.
2. Fired my financial adviser.
3. Worried less about what people would say.

Let’s discuss.

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved news. Newspapers showed me the world but their quality watered down in recent decades. Now, the news filters into meaninglessness in practically moments, like gum losing flavor. Chew and spit, chew and spit. This is transitory and meaningless.

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