Dear FDA: Plastic in Our Blood is Bad

fat kidDear FDA:

A new study has confirmed packaging food and water in BPA containers causes abnormal waist circumference–to–height ratios in our kids. Basically, plastic in our kid’s blood makes them fat.

Much of the world has already decided to protect their children. Japan, Spain, and France have already halted their use of BPA. Hopefully, the poor and middle class in the U.S. have read this new study and have re-formed their habits away from eating and drinking plastic residue.

By declaring BPA safe for all, FDA, I suppose you are protecting the rights of hard-working, research-oriented Americans to feed their children BPA-laced food. This will, in turn, give our children the right to be fat, unhealthy, and low on self-esteem.

In this citizen’s opinion, plastic and plastic-based sludge in our veins clogs arteries, causes inflammation, and contributes to high blood pressure and diabetes. Please stay tuned over the next 20 years as science officially makes these discoveries and the Japanese, Spanish and French scratch their heads as to how the country who mastered the Manhattan Project had a hard time with this tricky plastic curve ball.


Anti-BPA Parent

Source reference: Lee JM, et al “Bisphenol A and chronic disease risk factors in U.S. children”Pediatrics 2013; DOI: 10.1542/peds2013-0106.

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