Five More Popular Health Lies

fiveball1) Organic food is too expensive.

Truth:  Processed food is too expensive.

Processed food puts wear and tear on your benelles, causing chronic sickness. Most diabetes, heart disease, and obesity is from processed food. This means processed food is behind the bulk of today’s healthcare costs, making it the most expensive slop in town.

Really, it depends on value and priority. Yes, you can save money for fun stuff by buying the cheapest processed meat around. And those hot dogs will keep you alive, but increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 19%.

Organic food is the cheap path, part of “pay yourself first”, a minor investment to avoid killer costs.

2) Always wear sunscreen.tan-girl

Truth:  Sunscreen can prevent skin cancer, but is also a source of cancer.

Maximizing your sun exposure reduces your risk of pancreatic cancer by 49%. In fact, it reduces intestinal cancer across-the-board: esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile duct.

But wearing sunscreen reduces sun exposure, putting you at risk. This is quintessential of our healthcare system: trade a small risk for a big risk.

The smart path is: take sun, drink coffee, and walk. The sun will reduce risk of internal cancer—while the coffee and walking are showing to reduce skin cancer risk by over 60%. A bonanza of good odds, for cheap.

In a sense, with sunscreen. our country found a way to turn “organic sunlight” into something processed. We’re getting too little sun in the first place, and we’re instructed to contaminate it with chemicals when it comes?

coffee3) Kids shouldn’t drink coffee.

Truth:  Kids shouldn’t drink juice or soda.

Many kids grow up thinking energy drinks and vitamin waters are healthy, that drinking from plastic bottles is safe. Wrong across the board, and it’s why we see adults toting processed drinks from plastic bottles. Habits start early.

The processed sugar in these drinks is causing diabetes, and the plastic from the bottles is causing rheumatoid arthritis.

On the other hand, coffee is turning out to be as important as cocoa for preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, skin cancer and brain aging.

Coffee gives the best results when you start early, not by waiting for the warty threshold of a chronic disease. Our kids are getting diabetes early; coffee helps reverse this.

In our house, our seven-year-old and four-year-old don’t know the taste of soda, but both have a cup of organic black coffee from a glass cup almost every day. They see it as a treat. I see it as protecting their foundation of benelles.

4) Use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean.handsjpg

Truth:  Washing your hands is smarter.

Putting alcohol on your skin is dangerous. Even if it kills a little bacteria, at what expense…the skin of your hands?

Alcohol and other anti-bacterial chemicals present a DNA risk to benelles. This is our healthcare thinking short-term again: clean hands for DNA damage.

Alcohol-based mouthwash more than triples the risk of head and neck cancer. The mechanism is simple: damaged DNA leads to cancer. It makes no sense to start harming your hands with chemical sanitizers.

Young, healthy skin is wonderful. Why give it up early? In most cases, warm water and a hand towel cleans fine…and saves your DNA.

arrow5) Autism has always been this high.

Truth:  Autism was never this high.

The current autism spike is caused by low-level radiation on reproductive cells, covered at WhyAutismHappens.

When men and women put their cell phones in their front pockets, men’s reproductive DNA is getting 16 times more genotoxic radiation, which explains how fathers have accidentally caused a worldwide autism spike.

Are we saying cell phones are causing all autism? No, but the way men carry cell phones is causing a high rate of fragmentation in their reproductive DNA, which is causing the spike in autism since 1995.

Autism in the U.S. should reduce by over 36,000 cases a year after fathers begin protecting their reproductive cells from radiation by carrying cell phones differently.

To end on a good note: autism will decline because reproductive cells that resist low-level radiation have been selected for.


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Shows autism and cell phone link:

Meta Analysis

Conventional medicine trades small risks for big risks.

Benelles dislikes big risks.

This difference in risk analysis is a defining separation between our current healthcare system and Benelles.

Our current healthcare system has a paycheck-to-paycheck mentality. It sees every individual’s health as a crisis point. It would seek to perform a full-body CAT scan on healthy patients with no symptoms, seeking for cancer; incidentally causing cancer.

Long-term health is a foreign concept to our healthcare system. How else do you explain that sunlight was found in 2012 to reduce pancreatic cancer by half, and there’s no follow-up story? Most pancreatic cancer patients probably don’t even know this potentially lifesaving bit of evidence.

We’re too in love with the medicine portrayed in soap operas. In that world, medicine looks good and drives a nice car.

In the real world, medicine looks like a sweaty, shirtless fat guy walking the block to maximize sunlight exposure. We want the sanitized view, but our benelles come in all shapes and need natural inputs, like sunlight.

We are in need of doctors that can prescribe sunlight and walking, instead of insulin and chemotherapy. We are in need of setting the placebo effect straight, attaching it to what works. We need a healthcare system that can see health as a 70 year prospect, not a 7 minute prospect. Our health isn’t a soundbite, it’s a really long novel.

Risk analysis over a 70 year horizon leads to new conclusions. Over seventy years, you don’t want alcohol damaging skin cells every 15 minutes. You don’t want low-level radiation hitting reproductive cells every 10 minutes. You don’t want processed sugar destroying arteries every other hour.

The 70 year horizon is why evidence-based studies show avoiding chemicals and pursuing what’s natural—like coffee and sunlight—works “magic”.

The long-term is logical, an extension of common sense. You get sunlight, you feel energy. Gargle with alcohol, your throat burns. These are easy clues to “know” sunlight increases health, and alcohol slowly causes throat cancer.

Your benelles are already telling you the story of what’s healthy. If you set habits following what’s healthy, that’s where you go. But the government is legislating toward the current healthcare system, making the deadly short-term approach the law.

The government should allow a Benelles path. A Benelles path would enable a minority of doctors and citizens to pursue a legitimate long-term approach to health. This would be similar to the government allowing long-term savers to participate in IRA plans. In the end, the government would benefit because those with a long-term health approach will need less healthcare dollars and be more productive.

Congress should work with independent health analysts to create a Benelles path. Those in charge of today’s healthcare have a vested financial interest in the short-term. We can achieve no great long-term results until we create a path for long-term success.