Gravity Therapy

gravity_womanFeeling bad is painful and hurts our health. When we feel bad, we are sending a signal to our body that lowers our health. These negative signals are so powerful that if we keep sending them, we can even start to think about hurting ourselves.

If you are depressed, or in pain, or lonely, happiness can feel impossible. You might think that feeling happy is for “other people”, like everybody else but you.

Gravity therapy is one way to feel better. Gravity therapy is a natural way to stop negative thoughts and pain, so your benelles will heal and feel good.

Remember, the earth rests in a nook of the great sea of the universe. As the earth sinks into space, it creates gravity. This force has been around since before the earth, and it binds us to the fabric of the universe.

Right now, the earth is pushing into the universe and creating a safe space for you. When you are feeling bad, you can go to this space.

The way to this space is to lay down flat. Stretch out as long as you can be. Close your eyes and let the noises around you fall away, as though you are drifting into sleep.

Stretched out, you will feel your legs and arms sinking into the space below you. You will feel your skin pressing into the surface you rest on. Your back and neck will begin to feel heavy. Your head will sink down in a soft, gentle way.

You may feel as though you are sinking down to a level that is below your body, going underneath the world you were in moments ago. Here, in your safe place, you are at perfect rest, and you can stay here for as long as you like, completely safe and free of pain.

As you rest, gravity is wrapping around every benelle in your body, as though the universe is embracing you, even from inside your body. As you lie flat, your muscles completely relax and your bones may feel like they weigh a thousand pounds.

Here, you are alive and connected. Nobody can take away your gravity. Not even the richest man in the world can touch your gravity. Your gravity is pure and gentle and healthy. She is a nurse, pressing out a beautiful and peaceful space for you to be well, a bed of youth, where she takes care of you and you can feel her soft arms against you.

You can spend as long as you like in your bed of gravity. This place will be here for another billion years, and if you are quiet, you might sense what that feels like. Here, a million years may be confused with a few seconds. You may experience a big, open feeling…as though your body is stretched out flat into eternity. The dust in this place is magic and sparkling; it is the dust of the universe, and you are of this dust. The gravity you feel is clean and pure and beautiful, the same as it was when it was created at the beginning of time.

When you are ready, your muscles will regain their energy. As you come back and move, your benelles will remember the imprint of gravity. The imprint will help them function in a strong, connected way. You will feel an evenness. You may begin to experience light feelings of satisfaction as your benelles produce health and wellness.

You may feel thankful that gravity has pushed upon you like a nurse and helpmate. That she is always there, and that you have someone to connect with who will help you. You may feel thankful that you have a place that is pure and clean and safe.

If you feel thankful to Her for what she has given you, then Her imprint on your benelles will grow.

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