How Cell Phones Cause Autism

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Cell phones are causing autism. At least most autism; what we would call the autism spike or epidemic. And it’s a really weird method of causation; it has nothing to do with pregnant mothers or kids actually using cell phones.

Honestly, there’s complex physics involved, but the main idea of how cell phones are causing so much autism is easy to understand. First, let’s pick up two facts and hold them flat in our hands under bright light: cell phones are strongly associated with autism, and fathers are causing most autism.

Let’s review that: the numbers show autism is primarily driven by cell phones, and fathers are causing the majority of autism. The logic should jump out of your hands: fathers with cell phones are driving our autism epidemic.

All right, let’s put this two-piece puzzle together. When we carry around cell phones in our pockets, little radiation transmissions hit men’s reproductive DNA at about 2 inches, which is roughly 6 inches closer than for women, whose ovaries are higher up.

Well, the difference between 2 inches and 8 inches may sound trivial, but physics dictates that the end result is men’s reproductive cells receive 16 times more cell phone radiation.


In short, men’s cell phone radiation exposure explains why we’ve seen autism take-off in conjunction with cell phone usage. Remember, there have been all kinds of industrial and airborne toxins in our society for decades; but the rise in autism parallels the rise of cell phones; not the rise of immunizations, or fracking, or BPA in our water.

Here’s another puzzle piece: it’s well-known that RF radiation (i.e. cell phone radiation) causes cellular damage. This is why governments regulate how much radiation a cell phone is allowed to transmit; otherwise manufacturers would put super-strong transmitters in phones, which is counter-intuitively cheaper, and would also increase the range of phones, increasing customer satisfaction.

Thus, by government edict, cell phones only cause micro amounts of damage to our benelles. Generally, this is no big deal for a healthy adult, as damaged cells are recognized as cancer cells, and subsequently destroyed by benelles. Just like smoking or drinking, cell phones cause cancer so slowly that most people go on for decades without any real effects.

Fine, but what if you start-off a human life with a micro damaged sperm cell? The answer: a wide spectrum of physical, cognitive, and sensory problems in the baby.

The little disconnect causing nearly 80% of today’s autism is that governments never thought about the need to protect reproductive cells from micro DNA damage. Reproductive cell protection was simply never part of the regulation criteria.

Until governments get a clue on this issue, parents can easily protect offspring by keeping cell phones away from men’s reproductive DNA, especially in the weeks before a planned conception, when the vital sperm cells are being produced.

In America, however, over half of conceptions are unplanned, so the only long-term solution to our national autism crisis is for governments to publicize information about the need for men to carry their cell phones differently. And this should be easy to implement once retail catches on and provides more clothing options, like ankle-level pockets on dress slacks, or shoe pouches.

Ironically, for the last 20 years, we’ve been searching far and wide for the cause of our autism spike, but the cause is close and narrow, as well as easy to understand and prevent.

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