How Fake Medical Studies Bankrupted America

fakeModern medicine is based on medical studies and trials. There are clinical trials, prevention trials, treatment trials, seeding trials, and many more. What do all these trials and studies have in common?

They are the foundation of our medical industry, which consumes around 16% of GDP. Sixteen percent is a large chunk of our national wealth, and about 7% higher than what the average developed country spends on the same.

The US, a country with a rich but currently fragile economy, is betting more than $2 trillion every year that these medical studies are the very best in health science.

As Americans, we expect our gargantuan annual medical spend to buy scientifically superior healthcare. Otherwise, we’d be prodigally exchanging our national wealth for a spot of placebo effect—at a 7% premium. We need credible metadata on medical studies to illuminate the truth.

We have that metadata from a 2004 Johns Hopkins study. Drs Thomas Finucane and Chad Boult showed 100% of drug studies favored the drug when pharmaceutical companies were paying for the research.

Let’s put this in perspective. Nowhere close to 100% of physicists agree on what gravity is, yet 100% of drug studies find in favor of the drug so long as a company pays. This means the foundation of our medical system is like some kind of Ultimate Lobbying Championship where every member magically has a perfect record. That’s not even bad science; it’s not science.

The Johns Hopkins study shows our western medical system is more political than scientific. Whichever drug company is able to pay for the outcome they want gets the outcome they want. There’s not even calculated posturing in the pharma medical study industry to fail a few to appear honest. Why bother, really; the government and public don’t know and don’t care.

Medicare, a femme fatale in America’s bankruptcy drama, can trace her taxpayer-sponsored drugs and medical services to studies purchased by companies listed on stock exchanges. So who benefits? Taxpayers who are stockholders but take American healthcare with a grain of salt.

We are cashing in our children’s future to consume prescription chemicals and medical services which are proven great 100% of the time by highly-paid scientists who don’t return phone calls or emails. If any of this sounds unscientific, expensive, and unhealthy, you’re getting the point.

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