How to Turn-on Your Fountain-of-Youth Protein

Platelet benelles in your blood produce a magical protein called fibroblast growth factor (FGF). What’s so magical about FGF? It’s a fountain-of-youth protein: it develops embryos, creates new blood vessels, restores beauty, repairs degraded tissue, and heals wounds.

You know those medical miracles—walking after paralysis, or waking from irreversible coma—that doctors can’t explain? They aren’t medical in nature; they’re the miracle protein FGF at work. And on a practical level, FGF keeps us looking and feeling young as we age.

Unlike synthetic facial creams or Rogaine, FGF is homemade pixie dust in your blood, restoring and reversing age. And it’s easy to get more of this miracle youth protein if you do one thing: stop micromanaging your benelles. But among the mundane aches and pains of earning daily bread, we think narrow and pluck the apple: we micromanage and shut-off our FGF supply.

And really, our attack is more than an apple-pluck. Although exercise and organic diet are the arms and legs of keeping high levels of FGF, many of us are taking an épée to the heart of our protein hero. Why would anyone in our #Gaga4BeautifulPeople society stab their own beauty? Well, our personal pharma salesman our doctor tells us to, and everyone else is doing it too.

Let’s pause and look at the big picture. Our bodies are made up of a system of benelles (good cells) that communicate and work together. We’re way too busy to appreciate this profound system-that-is-us. We’re concentrating on getting more money, more food, a more attractive partner, more stuff; repeat. A backache or arthritis is a speed bump to be raced over with extra-strength Advil, or Oxaprozin.

Herein lies our épée. Nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen shut-off our fountain-of-youth protein. How so? By inhibiting prostaglandins: worker bee hormones which carry out the critical business of surviving, such as controlling cell growth, inflammation, calcium levels, and fever during sickness.

If your body were a mainframe computer, prostaglandin would be the JCL code making batch processing go. If your body were a corporation, prostaglandin would be answering phones and helping customers. For a successful system, we need some intelligent boss to value and protect prostaglandin.

Instead, as boss, we forsake prostaglandin, crash the mainframe, and keep the customer waiting on the phone. With our megalomaniacal need to have full administrative rights to our health, we’re disrupting our venerable, hard-working benelles.


You see, in addition to all its other critical responsibilities, prostaglandin controls and organizes platelets, and platelets manufacture FGF. Thus, shut-off prostaglandin and you shut-off FGF. What does this mean? In short, NSAIDs kill pain and healing. And frequently, the people in pain who need FGF to heal their bodies are the ones actively shutting it off; doctor’s orders.

Look pain sufferers, I’m sorry for this painful news. The reality is that there’s an underlying reason for your pain: sick, damaged tissue. This happens from years of living, and the good news is your body has a super-hormone called FGF to heal you. But taking NSAIDs to fight pain is like burning down your house and complaining about rain.

What should you do? Stop taking NSAIDs and let your benelles produce FGF. Yes, it will hurt. But let’s be honest: you weren’t pain-free on NSAIDs anyway. If you need motivation, here’s a tip: light exercise like walking will reduce your knee, back, and joint pain more than NSAIDs ever did.

Fortunately, stopping NSAIDs will hurt less-and-less because their absence allows natural, long-term-thinking benelles to repair more-and-more. There’s just no case for long-term NSAID use, so why make a habit of them in the short-run? Where you walk is where the grass gets worn, so make a beaten path away from your pharmacy to the fountain-of-youth.


Side effects corroborate our “kill-your-youth” vignette. The fact that NSAIDs cause heart failure, kidney failure, and a broken-down digestive track ought to be enough said, yet millions of patients are mentally-locked into this synthetic, anti-benelles approach; unable to think past today.

A quick note for the curcumin-bugs before we close. Yes, turmeric solves inflation and pain above all other foods, herbs, and drugs. But please, don’t take turmeric or curcumin supplements. Vitamins and supplements are tantamount to synthetics. Instead, buy organic turmeric powder and use a few shakes in every dish you fry, boil, or bake. As an organic food additive, turmeric will put you in control of inflammation without side effects.

Your benelles are designed to bring back your youth every day. But to make profit in this, be a good boss: stop micromanaging with quirky, yucky synthetics like NSAIDs, and start paying intrinsic wages of increase, like organics and light exercise. Be a good boss and your benelles will pay you back with FGF, in dividends of beauty and health.

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