Let Natural Exist

letnaturalI love natural foods and products, and a lot of their benefit is simply avoiding damage from the unnatural.

The benefits of absence are real, but presence is more tangible: tea prevents heart disease (de Koning Gans et al 2010), grapefruit prevents stroke (Cassidy et al 2012), cocoa lowers blood pressure (Shrime et al 2011). Yet some of these health benefits come from the absence of ultra-processed food chemicals. You only eat so much in a day; tea, grapefruit, and chocolate crowd out artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, etc.

People are developing heart disease at earlier ages (Rosner et al 2013) because they’re being raised on chemicals. People don’t eat food anymore; it’s slow, it spoils, it looks weird.

Our national “food supply” is packaged chemicals on Superstore aisles. Boxes of food that never spoil because even bacteria can’t live on that stuff. And government agencies classify this edible chemical load (ECL) as safe; indeed, no one gets food poisoned in the short run.

Meanwhile, the same people buying up the boxed food are in doctor’s offices about diabetes and cancer. Just like government agencies, the sick people see no connection to ECL. If something makes you sick over time, tush tush, there’s no connection.

We have the wrong metrics. Our government is counting cases of food poisoning, not grams of pesticide and artificial flavoring in our blood.

The truth is, real food spoils. Real food can make you sick, and is a pain in the ass to prepare. Real food is hard to grow, rots fast, and costs a lot. It usually looks weird, with a brown spot or a bump.

Brown spots and bumps are biology, and they’re the Benelles way. We are not robots, not yet. Our health cannot just be measured by numbers, plugged into a wall, or systematized into plastic casing. Our businesses and agencies want us in numbered boxes…but it’s unholy.

Poor people who lack access to boxed foods and chemical medicines don’t suffer with hardened hearts, and high blood pressure (Gurven et al 2012). All the while, back in the civilized world, entrepreneurs with $5 energy drinks in hand are racing around for a blood pressure cure, a heart disease cure, a yellow teeth cure, etc.

Benelles produce health in the absence of chemicals, but the phonies know the marketplace. We’re more interested in money, sex, and boxed food. And damn, we like skinny young girls.

Should we go old world and start a movement to shut-down Wendy’s? No.

But we should want a non-GMO option. We should want the law to allow raw food—no gas or radiation. We should want a government that regulates pollution like fracking. And, personally, I don’t want a health plan—unless it affords an organic medical approach.

Our society mistrusts what’s natural; I find what’s unnatural causes sickness. I could be sued for recommending cocoa; I don’t want to counter-sue to recommend cocoa. For one, it sounds silly. Plus, I don’t like lawyers; they’re stressful, and stress is bad for benelles.

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