Our Doctor Fired Our Baby Girl


I told my doctor I had weighed the risks and rewards of immunizations and decided against any more of them for my baby daughter. She fired us on the spot. No immunizations, no service.

Rewind; my daughter had a negative response to immunizations at 6 months. She stopped cooing and smiling for 7 days. Subsequently, cold fear of autism gripped my heart.

Since that time, research has convinced me vaccinations are not causing autism (see CellPhonesAutism.com), however autism is not the point of the next 282 words. The point is: how have doctors gained the power to be the tail that wags the patient?

I mean, I still have a fondness for the 55 year old Polish-Jewish doctor who fired us. She’s a tough, smart lady. But she’s a parcel of our costly, militant medical system. Agree with her, or else.

She knows the game. In America, you can have your medical thinking in any color you want so long as it is black.

Let’s examine the facts. The CDC says my child should be vaccinated for mumps to avoid encephalitis. But CDC research shows encephalitis happens in only 2 of 100,000 cases.

We give 100,000 mumps vaccinations to avoid 2 cases of encephalitis. I’m sure that sounds logical to Merck, but really?

This hyper-vaccination approach is expensive, and there are questions of common sense. After 50,000 years of coexistence with the mumps virus, our benelles refined themselves to protect children from an encephalitis outcome 99.998% of the time. I’m ok with those odds. According to Wikipedia, that’s five times less likely than my girl’s lifetime risk of being struck by lightning.

Ok, fine. I get it. You hate my guts for my old-fashioned notion of trusting 50,000 years of evolutionary quality assurance in benelles over an 8-year experiment on our children, planted on the authority of a study paid for by the company who owns a mumps vaccine patent.

I can live with your hate. I know it’s odious being stuck behind people who are wrong. Maybe I’m wrong. Who cares if I am? But we should care that the country is at a point where baby girls are fired from the medical system if parents don’t choose black.

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