Robots and Autism

robotsSome experts believe robots will gain a human level of intelligence by 2050. Of course, experts in the 1950s were saying the same thing would happen by the 1980s, and they were wrong.

Regardless, our society is marching toward robotic, wirelessly-networked technology. And this puts old-fashioned wetware under immense new pressures.

Already, a small number of people, the cognitive elite, have put the remaining population under pressure. The cognitive elite were born with mental abilities to exploit our information age, the foundation for the coming robot age. They have become prosperous leaders of society; many of them are fabulously wealthy, household-names. The cognitive elite fit what nature wants in a way that factory workers, who are being replaced by robots, do not.

The ramifications, however, of moving toward the robot age go beyond intellectual ability. Two of these are pollution and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Robots are not affected by pollution, and robots are where the world is going. Unless robots find some independent reason to be concerned about pollution levels, we should expect pollution to rise sharply in this century and in future centuries. Even if we solve the petrochemical conundrum with solar power, there are many new and harmful chemicals that will be invented for nice profits in the future.

As such, biology that copes with pollution will be valuable. Lung cells that can filter pollution will be at a premium, and kidneys that filter toxins will be a huge bonus. Frankly, vestigial gene expression for handling dangerous toxins, like rancid meat or toxic plants, will be racing back for many people. And this will be a gateway to surviving modern pollution.

EMF is different. Man-made EMF is not a force that we were historically exposed to. Moving forward, however, our biology must handle high levels of EMF. Because it’s going to be everywhere.

In fact, pro-EMF genes are already being selected for via our autism epidemic. According to WhyAutismHappens, up to 80% of today’s autism is being caused by EMF damage to men’s sperm cells; specifically from RF radiation transmissions from cell phones in front pockets. If a man’s sperm cells are not naturally resistant to cell phone radiation, they will experience DNA fragmentation, which will likely lead to an autistic baby.

From here, classical patterns of natural selection take over. Offspring that are adversely affected by EMF radiation (i.e. autistic) never go on to reproduce. Thus the reproducing population shifts to being able to handle EMF radiation.

In this light, our autism epidemic may be a reflection of our society’s march toward highly interconnected robotics. Where we are heading, there may not be a place for biology that cannot closely integrate with robotics. The growth of pollution and EMF will continue to increase sharply; nature is simply moving to adapt. This makes sense, because down the road, when the cognitive elite are surpassed by artificial intelligence (AI), the “good” genes may simply be the ones allowing us to survive in the wake of AI.

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