Sex and Autism


What do women and sex have to do with autism? Everything. And nothing.

Specifically, women are causing only about 20% of autism. But they give birth to 100% of babies with autism. Why is this?

It’s simple. To grow a healthy baby, you have to plant a healthy seed. And men are having an incredibly difficult time with this. Over the last 20 years, men’s seed has become sick and weak. The result is our autism spike.

At first, the magnitude of this seems impossible to believe. Autism has to be women’s fault; we all know that’s a fact. But it’s not. Autism is overwhelmingly driven by poor-quality seed from men.

What’s the cause of bad seed? In short, a new pollution entered our society 20 years ago, and this pollution affects men’s reproductive DNA, but not women’s. Simply could not be true; right? It’s true, and we have the proof from DNA in autism cases all around us. In fact, this very day men across the world are sowing new seeds of autism into their women.

autism_seedHow could scientists around the world be missing the truth about this awful new pollution and how it’s spiking autism? They’re not missing the truth; they’ve been busy discovering individual parts of the big picture. But no one has stood back and said, “Hey guys, we have an elephant here!”

Well, the science explaining this pollution—and how it’s causing men to drive an autism spike—is available to the public at and Amazingly, the information at these websites will make it easy for women to spot which men are carrying bad seed.

Essentially, fate has protected women’s eggs from being damaged by this pollution by just a tiny sliver of space. Figuratively, women’s DNA avoided a deadly car crash by a few inches. Meanwhile, men’s DNA was in the middle of that car crash, and limped forward to impregnate women’s healthy DNA. This explains why men are driving 80% of autism in babies.

Lots of people are still not seeing the elephant. The autism community thinks autism shouldn’t be solved; it’s a benefit. Universities and research centers have too much money invested in their proprietary autism theories to change gears. The government only responds to lobbying. But no company stands to gain money from this new autism information, and thus young families who need-to-know instead remain in the dark.


What’s incredible is the same families that stand ready to spend $100,000 on their child’s college education are starting their child off with sick, damaged DNA from the father, making it impossible to realize their white picket-fence dream.

Until our planet wakes up, it’s every-family-for-themselves with this new autism information. Those families that protect the father’s DNA will be dynamically more likely to have healthy children. On the other hand, those who don’t may face a lifetime of difficulty.

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