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Sex and Autism


What do women and sex have to do with autism? Everything. And nothing.

Specifically, women are causing only about 20% of autism. But they give birth to 100% of babies with autism. Why is this?

It’s simple. To grow a healthy baby, you have to plant a healthy seed. And men are having an incredibly difficult time with this. Over the last 20 years, men’s seed has become sick and weak. The result is our autism spike.

At first, the magnitude of this seems impossible to believe. Autism has to be women’s fault; we all know that’s a fact. But it’s not. Autism is overwhelmingly driven by poor-quality seed from men.

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Our Doctor Fired Our Baby Girl


I told my doctor I had weighed the risks and rewards of immunizations and decided against any more of them for my baby daughter. She fired us on the spot. No immunizations, no service.

Rewind; my daughter had a negative response to immunizations at 6 months. She stopped cooing and smiling for 7 days. Subsequently, cold fear of autism gripped my heart.

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