The Universe as a Snake

UniverseSnakeThe reason the universe is expanding may be because it is like a snake eating its own tail. This could also explain why today’s universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Let’s rewind some billions of years to explain the basis of this theory.

Before inflation occurred, as described by Guth, we might think of the universe as a single small dot. Everything was one; entropy was infinite. The dot was so dense that it included all of space-time inside itself. Thus, there could be no gravity as we understand the word; there was no space-time to warp.

Infinite speed or gravity cause time to stop relative to outsiders, and to further complicate the subject, there was no space-time. Even so, let’s imagine we are floating human “outsiders” in pre-time, subject to our current laws of physics. If we watch the single small dot, we might perceive billions of years and nothing happening. But, to the dot, that might be only a few seconds, or less, since time is barely flowing for her. To put this another way: the dust we are made of today sat inside a dot for up to billions of years, or a few seconds, depending on your side of the fence. Both measurements are true.

Suddenly, the dot erupts into Inflation and nuclear fusion. The universe is born at a speed so fast it seems impossible. Yet it is likely, even in the first seconds of the universe’s birth, laws of physics we follow today were already in being, including Coulomb’s inverse square law.

The inverse square law states: radiation diminishes by a factor of four every time distance doubles. Because energy and mass are interchangeable, and because the universe started off as radiation energy, the bulk of energy–mass, per the inverse square law, still lives near the original point of formation. We will call this dense point around the original “source dot” the head.

As the body of the universe stretches and curves, creating space, the hot energy cools off. Mass and various elements form; and eventually life. Black holes become the vertebrae of the universe, each galaxy requiring a galactic black hole to provide order.

Eventually, we would expect the collective gravity of black holes, galaxies, and dense stars to slow down, or even reverse, the outward growth of the universe’s body. Indeed, in the vicinity of 11 billion years ago, there was a slowing down, followed by a speeding up around 7 billion years ago.


Currently, the universe’s expansion is speeding up. Today’s top physicists point to dark matter as the force causing this acceleration. I disagree with this; as discussed previously, dark energy is likely inactive gravity, or gravity potential. Dark energy is akin to the connective tissue of the universe, filled with silent gravitons, ready for mass that will never come, but also keeping mass connected to the source dot in a coherent “universe”.

What seems likely is that the tail of the universe has curved sufficiently to make a near-full loop and come to the point of close contact with the source dot. This would be like setting-off in a straight line on “flat” earth and returning to your point of origin. The tail, being much less dense with energy and mass, and thus lacking gravity as compared with the head, would be strongly pulled toward the gravity of the head. (There would actually be an equal and opposite gravitational force, but it would figuratively be like an apple falling to the earth.)

At some point, the immense gravity of the head will pull the tail into its mouth, stretching and tearing the body, consuming itself. The advance warning sign of this would likely be an increased acceleration of the universe.

As the universe eats its tail and lower body, she might snap in half because the immense pull against the colossal gravity of galactic black holes might be too much for dark energy “connective tissue” to hold together. If this happens, the “front half” of the universe may then begin a backward pull to the mouth. In this scenario, the universe would be eating herself from both sides.

This model is consistent with Einstein’s curved space, with Coulomb’s inverse square law, and with observations regarding the way the universe has slowed down but recently sped up.

Interestingly, the end scenario is that the universe eats herself all the way to the point of maximum entropy. Then we are back to where we started, a source dot. This cycle may have happened a million times already. Each cycle may appear as billions of years to us, outsiders looking on. But from the perspective of Her, the source dot of near-frozen time, a birth and death may feel as short as seconds; a breathing in and out. She gives everything she has until she is out of breath, her outer parts cold, dark and lifeless. Then she recycles.

What’s also fascinating: underlying correlations to humanity’s world religions. Hinduism speaks of a Godhead, a Brahman force, like a head of the universe, with all matter and energy being a sub-component thereof. Also, reincarnation fits with a universe that fully recycles herself every 20 billion years or so. Judeo-Christian theology points to a fiery apocalypse in which everything ends in flames, which is probably what the universe ripping herself apart will look and feel like…followed by a life-restoring resurrection, a core concept of Christianity. The wisest men from different cultures seem to have almost an epigenetic understanding of the nature of the universe. This is another example of how our human benelles are connected to Her.

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