Virus Ingestion

Similar to immunology, an idea occurred to me to ingest the weakened form of an active virus in a controlled fashion.

Our family tracks together on viruses. In the past few years, when one of us catches a virus, the other three catch it. And we are laden with viruses, but not doctor visits. In 2013, we went to the doctor not at all, except to get school-mandated wellness notes for the kids. In 2014, we had only one doctor’s visit, which was diagnostic; I wanted blood work to help me understand a rash on my left leg.

With viruses, my wife and son react in an elongated, mild manner; my daughter and I in a short, hot fury. This is a characteristic of the dominant X chromosome in each of us.

To provide an example, earlier this year, my son vomited in a mild way a couple times around his bed time. He then proceeded to sleep well but was affected for days with mild tummy pains. About 27 hours after his vomiting, and within the same hour, my daughter and I became violently ill. We “scream vomited” approximately 1.5 times an hour for 7 hours; then we were sore but the virus was extinguished. My wife soon displayed the slow mild form which lasted for days.

At times, one of us will have a secondary infection, like a bronchitis or an ear infection, without the others catching it. But if even one of us catches a fresh virus, it is clockwork that we all catch it.

Thus our family becomes a candidate for controlled viral ingestion. If I’m guaranteed to catch what the kids catch, I may benefit by catching a weakened pre-form of the virus.

The following is a log of my experiments.

29 April 2015, evening.

While reading her daily page of Oliver Twist, my daughter experienced interrupted focus and began shivering. The house was about 73 degrees; I instructed her to put on a nearby jacket and wrapped a small blanket over her shoulders.

She continued shivering and soon began experiencing a level 5 headache, which is the highest pain on our scale. She also had a throat ache and nausea. Her temperature rose to 101 degrees and hovered near there overnight. I treated her with honey and saltwater, and generous sympathy.

In the morning, her fever was down to 99.5 degrees. I stayed home to watch her. At 8:30 am, I made a honey and garlic dose and had my daughter breathe and cough into the mix for 60 seconds. Next, I had her lick a clean spoon, and I used the infected spoon to gently stir the mix for three minutes. I ate the mix, using the infected spoon.

After this, I ate and drank nothing for three hours. I had eaten about 20 organic salted soy nuts ten minutes prior to the dose to blunt and slow the garlic.

Because her fever had dropped by 1.5 degrees when she infected the garlic mix, I speculate I consumed both virus and her antibodies.

After I made the kids an organic lunch, I enforced a nap on them. By this time, my son had been expressing a mild form with no fever, and could have gone to preschool, but it was beneficial to keep him home from the standpoint of reducing stress and energy expenditure on the family ecosystem, to allow benelles more “fighting energy”.

I lay between them as both sleeper and referee for the nap and they took turns breathing into my face for what became a three hour nap, for their bodies were extending to fight the virus.

Upon waking, my daughter was at 98.9 degrees, still about 1.4 degrees higher than normal. She declared that she felt much better, that it was “the best nap ever”. Her throat still affected, I cannot rule out strep throat; if it is so, I will cure her of it tonight with garlic and honey so she can go on her class field trip tomorrow to the Spaghetti Warehouse (where I have let her know she is allowed no soda or juice) and Dallas Aquarium.

Evening of 30 April. I am self-observing. My temperature is normal at 97.5 degrees.

Evening of 01 May. Last night, I had an unnaturally stuffy nose. I worked with normal energy and have a temperature of 97.9 degrees, which is normal for me in a warm house. Throughout the work day and evening, had a nasal drip similar to post nasal drip.

Evening of 02 May. Last night, my congestion cleared. In the morning, I had a light headache, a level 1, but was able to make a full shopping trip as usual, including filling 10 gallons of water into glass jugs at Whole Foods. Back at home, my headache increased to a 2.5. My temperature remained at 97.5 – 97.8 degrees. I sat down for 15 minutes and the headache reduced to a 1, after which I was able to get up and do hard labor outside, including activities that change blood pressure and elevate headaches: scrubbing a patio and deck, trimming trees, weed-eating, picking up loose sticks all over the yard. I came back inside and felt good, ate a lunch of rice, lentils, vegetables, salt, and tea. The entire family took a 90 minute nap together; upon rising, I felt completely normal. I walked in late afternoon sun for 15 minutes with no shirt, then we took the kids to the park, where I played baseball, ran with them, and chased my wife with spear grass for sport. Later in the night, I lifted weights and did push-ups.

Evening of 05 May. Had a mild chest congestion for about 24 hours. I took garlic and honey to prevent bronchitis and facilitate night-time breathing. I did not feel sick or slow down during the 24 hour-period. Juli had light coughing during the last night, also after a three day period of wellness.

Trial #1 Conclusion. For the first time in the last 7 years, I avoided a highly contagious household virus. Rather, I caught the short, violent form like my daughter, however the symptoms were so mild that I carried on a normal routine instead of falling to a fever or level 5 headache. I speculate ingesting my daughter’s virus in weakened form allowed my benelles an early start in making antibodies. In addition, I may have also consumed compatible antibodies from her.

02 October 2015

A family consulted me about a child, a girl of 7 years. She was picked up from school at 5:30 pm on 01 October 2015 with 102 degrees F. Upon reaching the house , the fever was 103, then 30 minutes later, 103.5.

The mother of the child has a lingering 3 week virus which included a pronounced headache, tooth pain, cutaneous lip exfoliation, and fatigue. The mother ran 99 degrees during the day on 29 Sept 2015.

I examined the girl at 6 pm, when she has a fever of 103.5. The mother reported the girl had an ongoing headache for nearly a week  On examination, the girl’s hands were cold and no amount of blankets could keep her feeling warm. This, I took as a clear indication her body had not yet produced the antibody so her condition would worsen. The mother also reported that 2 nights before the girl had reported loss of feeling (a numbness) in all of her toes; so much so that tremendous pressure with fingernails had to be applied to any toe for her to feel them. She said “I know they’re there, but I can’t feel them”.

The girl had been in contact with a girl at school whose mother has strep throat. Symptomatically, the girl did not resemble strep throat but something closer to her own mother, which I postulated was a flu with a heavy sinus component.

I set the girl to sipping water while I made some honey and garlic. I divided the honey and garlic in half. Next, I had the girl lick a spoon for 30 seconds. I then used the licked spoon to stir one of the batches for 60 seconds. I then ate the “licked batch” with the licked spoon over a duration of 30 seconds. Next, I gave the girl approximately 3 bites of the clean batch over a period of 7 minutes.

The girl ate “soupy rice”, an organic rice made with reverse osmosis water, and crushed with turmeric and salt. I let the rice cool by having the mother blow in it; then I asked the mother to lick the spoon, which I used to feed the daughter. The mother’s saliva would have the antibodies, so would operate like a form of IVIG. Of course, I did this out of sight of the young patient, who would insist on hygiene over antibodies from another’s saliva.

She requested a cup of black coffee and drank it all. she ate a small bowl of fried green beans from frozen stock.

Suspecting flu, I did not think the garlic and honey would help her in the direct sense, but would protect her lungs and heart from any secondary damages, as well as elevate her white blood cells. To fight the flu, I deposited a small mix of organic cinnamon and sea salt into my palm and she took two licks of it.

She watched several hours of TV and demonstrated agility with her memory power. She took more water incrementally. I held her hand and walked the house for 4 laps to circulate the emerging antibodies.

Her fever increased to 103.6 as the night wore on and she went into a delirium in her sleep, talking nonsensically and occasionally thrashing. I kept a cool rag on her forehead throughout. She woke to go potty and thereafter said she felt like the ground was “swallowing her up.” She complained that her right eye was badly hurting, which I assumed to be from sinus pressure and brain swelling. Unfortunately, viral encephalitis had been reported around the city which left room for doubts.

At 1:30 am the mother became insistent that I transfer the young miss to a hospital. I assured her there was nothing a hospital could do but halt the healing process. She said there could be brain damage if the fever went on like this, I admitted to her that such things do happen, but the only pathway to prevent this was the young miss learning to produce the antibody. The fever was the benelles path to buying time to make the life-giving antibody. The hospital would do things to interrupt the process, like try to bring the fever down, inject synthetic chemicals, take xrays, and induce stress.

The mother was fearful but i comforted her. Still, the fever continued at 103.6.

Around 2:30 am the patient came violently awake. She angrily kicked at the blankets and screamed out “too hot, too hot.” I removed the blankets. The mother continued to try to cover the child, but I explained that the antibody had been found and now the girl’s chemicals were signaling to bring the temperature down as rapidly as antibodies could flood the region. The girl needed to let the heat escape. Indeed, the temperature reduced to 102.8 over the next 30 minutes.

At this point, the girl became lucid. She sat up and said the head pain was less and she felt better. She made expressions of love and thanks and then went back to sleep. she stayed restless and I monitored her for some time longer, using my hand to feel she still had 102 degrees.

I slept and checked her temperature around 7:30 am, finding it was 99.8 degrees. The girl said she felt good and wanted to play. I gave her crackers, water, and a cup of warm roobios tea. Within another 2 hours, her fever was 98.9 and she had eaten soupy rice and an orange, I informed the mother that the garlic would remain in her system and protect from secondary infection for 24 hours.

Additional note: I did experience a headache for part of the last weekend, which means I possibly already contracted this virus without any fever or reducing symptoms.

Meta analysis: children must go through high fevers for long term health. This child, by learning to produce the antibody to a dangerous virus without any chemicals or radiation, also learned how to fight cancer cells, which are similar to the antigens produced by viruses causing high fever. She will have a lifetime reduced risk of cancer by having one harsh night. Keeping the mother calm, keeping the hospital out of the equation, and instilling a powerful placebo effect into the patient’s mind were the 3 keys to producing an outstanding long-term outcome for this young miss.

update 03 Oct:  at shower time, the young miss was found to have red spots allover her chest. these increased in an hour’s time to her belly and back, with one mark by her eye. We celebrated her good fortune at what will be a lifetime reduced risk of brain cancer and lung cancer. Next, I had her drink water from a cup and lick the rim of the cup in secret. Then I gave the cup to her 4 year old brother and he sipped from each side of it without knowing anything of it. He then went to sleep with her breathing in his face.

It appears the 3 week encephalitis-like virus in the mother may have been transmitted to the daughter in the form of varicella, showing a relationship between viruses.

update 13 Oct: It appears the young patient has rubella. Her spots cleared in about 3 days, but she has had a persistent headache. She said her head hurt so bad today at school that twice her neck went numb. I am treated by reducing her daily workout to walking, copious cinnamon and salt, and 2 -3 cups of organic tea per day. Her younger brother, who is not immunized but has had no fever or symptoms exclaimed over the phone to his grandparents, “Juli’s got the weasels!”

update 15 Oct:  the headache and neck numbness were an unrelated virus.I caught this virus myself yesterday after exposure to her and had similar symptoms. By the time I was dizzy and incapacitated, she was turning handsprings. This cautions me as to how I placed too much fear and blame around the original rubella, which she made a clean recovery from.