Vocabulary and Principles

Benelles – A philosophy of health based on a natural approach like diet, exercise, and avoiding conventional healthcare

benelles – Good cells. They contain healthy DNA and produce health in an intelligent, active manner.

benelle watching  – Observing benelles, with an eye for reverse engineering, to understand what they consider important, how they are being attacked, and how they protect. For instance, if benelles have evolved to conserve salt, or use sunlight to produce vitamin D, it is likely that salt and vitamin D are important to health.

Chronic apex – A point  of maximum signaling by benelles that a “point of no return” is being reached. Either you make changes with good habits, or spiral into chronic disease. An example is gout, a chronic apex of metabolic syndrome, indicating a diet change must occur, or diabetes is likely.

DNA – The fabric of benelles. Protecting DNA is “protecting benelles” and is the path to health.

Doctor entrapment – The idea that many doctors are currently trapped in a system where they know patients are being harmed by too much treatment, but in order to keep their license and salary, the healthcare system forces them to keep harming.

Environment – My family is growing up in a dense urban city. The health of my kids comes from sunlight 93 million miles away, phytoplankton 80 meters under the sea, and honeybees across the land. These environmental systems give life to benelles. My seven year old daughter hasn’t been to a doctor’s office in 3 years and has never been on antibiotics in her life, but if any of the former environmental systems fail, she will die…with the planet. The universe is the doctor supporting benelles.

Health by Virus (HbV) – The idea that viruses provide natural long-term health by regulating benelles; training them to fight disease. Wild viruses are nature’s vaccination against chronic disease, but man-made vaccinations cripple HbV.

Hippocrates – An ancient doctor who established medical principles of observation, passive nurturing, and preventing iatrogenesis.

Honey bees – “Canaries in the coal mine” for the planet. If honey bees die off, it’s an indicator of a poisoned environment.

Iatrogenesis – Harm caused by doctors and healthcare systems.  A leading cause of death, especially because placebo response regulation only allows chronic disease caused by radiation and pharmaceuticals to be treated with more radiation and pharmaceuticals.

Long-term – Applying a long-term view to health analysis. Currently the government is making short-term thought the law. Short-term treatments pluck benelles, bankrupting long-term health. Today’s healthcare “science” goes for evidence so short it can boost quarterly stock earnings. You know; paying “scientists” for legal cover to charge taxpayers $200,000 for terminal cancer patients who want to live 17 days longer. Conversely, Benelles looks at 20 year outcomes.

Max health – Your maximum possible health, achieved through eating natural foods, getting exercise and sunlight, and avoiding conventional healthcare. Once you are living with max health, you no longer have to worry about medical tests or prescription drugs, allowing you to live with grace and confidence.

Med baseline – Medicine’s baseline as accepted by the government. For instance, if a approved pharmaceutical yields 4% better odds of improvement, but slightly increases mortality rate, then the med baseline is “4% improvement with slight mortality increase”. Benelles likes to compare inputs like coffee and tea against healthcare’s med baselines.

Micromanaging – Doctors think they know more than benelles, thus they micromanage them with pharmaceuticals, causing harm. Any good worker knows what happens with a micromanaging boss. The system crashes.

New Path – A Benelles proposal that entrapped doctors be allowed to follow an evidence-based path that meets or exceeds med baselines. This would deregulate the placebo effect, allowing some doctors in the system to produce cheap, effective health results based on long-term evidence. A “Benelles doctor” would be able to reimburse patients, in lieu of pharmaceuticals, up to $350 per month in natural foods. This would shift taxpayer money from elite pharma shareholders into the bellies of the middle class, as well as create new middle class jobs in organic farming, food retail and marketing, natural food regulation, environmental research, water purification, etc.

Natural selection – The fingers of the universe have made our benelles from dust. Boy, are they active fingers. If we put on the right glasses, we can see natural selection taking place around us every day. For instance, you can see how autism is spiking by observing a common daily habit men have. Looking forward, how benelles will adapt to artificial intelligence and space are the next frontiers of our human story.

Organics – Organics are simply natural foods without toxic chemicals. The fact that we need a special name for natural food without toxic chemicals is a primary reason chronic disease is overtaking the country.

Placebo response regulation – Whoever has the power to control the placebo response defines a nation’s healthcare and health. If placebo response was firmly attached to pharmaceuticals and radiation, then “healthcare” would cost a lot…and lead away from health.

Plucking – Taking the lives of benelles to produce short-term health. For instance, radiation treatments pluck benelles while killing cancer cells, banking on a reduced population of benelles to carry all the load. Plucking benelles is the dirtiest secret in today’s healthcare. On the other  hand, protecting benelles is the norm in Benelles.

Popular medical system – The name for our current healthcare system, which moves from one fad to the next, and likes to pull tricks like making a tiny molecular change to a drug to renew a patent and keep profits high. The popular medical system values profits, not DNA. The popular medical system sees benelles as dumb, disconnected, impotent cells. It doesn’t even have a word for benelles. On the other hand, Benelles sees benelles as powerful, intelligent units, connected to the environment and universe.

Prochlorococcus – A special type of mega oxygen-producing phytoplankton that live at 80 meters below the sea’s surface. They are the Earth’s only source of net new oxygen. Similar to honey bees and sunlight, prochlorococcus keeps the planet alive, but could be in danger of being wiped out by toxic oceans. In the meantime, we get daily updates on the Dow.

Radiation – Loved and prescribed by dentists, doctors and radiology device makers. Considered by Benelles to be a toxic hazard to be avoided, except in rare circumstances.

Rockefellerian healthcare – A health approach based on managing stress, light-duty outdoor exercise, and stopping eating when you are still a little bit hungry.

Salt – In the organic form, when consumed with natural foods, an important ingredient for health that protects the heart and improves circulation.

Side effects – Symptoms of benelle plucking, often from pharmaceuticals designed to micromanage benelles.

Sunlight – A fundamental health input. Benelles do not learn to make a vitamin from a drop of sun except in a universe where natural systems are harmoniously connected across millions of miles. Disavowing sunlight is like disconnecting your body from the universe, and leads to disease.

Supplements – Benelles is anti-supplementation. Cheating and doping your way to health, whether through supplements or prescription drugs, is not safe and doesn’t work.

Total chemical load (TCL) – The sum total of all chemicals a person is exposed to.

Edible chemical load (ECL) – The sum total of all chemicals a person eats and drinks.

Uric Acid Response (UAR) – A natural antioxidant response by benelles to protect blood vessels from damage by processed food. Any food that prompts high UAR is unhealthy. Since analyzing every chemical in packaged foods isn’t feasible, Benelles wants UAR clearly marked on all packaging, as well as on GMO foods.

Walking immunity – The idea that for every virus we fear, 30% to 80% of us have already caught the virus without knowing it and posses a natural, long-term immunity.