What Causes Ankylosing Spondylitis

ramsesRheumatic diseases are not new. Ramses II suffered with ankylosing spondylitis (Greek “crooked vertebrae”).

Nowadays, we have new risk factors for inflammation, which spells more rheumatic arthritis (RA) such as psoriasis, lupus and ankylosing spondylitis.

Even as 10,000 years ago, RA risk starts with genetics. Some of us have an allele called HLA-B27 which is associated with arthritis. If you have HLA-B27, you have greater risk of autoimmune arthritis.

But why?

Well, because of a chain reaction that starts in joints. Estrogenics like bisphenol A (BPA) cause joint cells to produce IL-6, a pro inflammatory cytokine. In turn, IL-6 upregulates IL-17, which increases risk of collagen-induced arthritis.

Basically, anyone who readily produces IL-17 is in danger of autoimmune attack on joints. Having HLA-B27 upregulates IL-17, in a sense meaning you are an IL-17 factory waiting to happen.

Waiting to happen is the key, as benelles usually safeguard. But benelles can be overrun if everything goes wrong: accumulation of plastic contaminants in joints, a lack of exercise, excess body weight, and a lack of vitamin A, which down regulates collagen-induced arthritis.

Thus, autoimmune arthritis is strongly tied to sitting around and consuming lots of processed food and drink in plastic packaging. These are modern risk factors the ancients never faced.

Most of our common plastic bases like BPA cause estrogenic activity. Estrogenics accumulate in fibroblast-rich tissue. Incidentally, the collagen that makes up the hyaline cartilage of our joints is made up mostly of fibroblasts.

Essentially, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers are allergic to plastics that have accumulated in their joints. Indeed, plastics have accumulated in all of our joints, but those with HLA-B27 posses the allergy which causes joint tissue damage, and pain. For the allergic, the plastic in joints is interpreted as a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection…one which never ends. Over time, joint tissue becomes chronically ill, resulting in RA like ankolosing spondylitis.

The overweight and obese are at greater risk. Their excess fat tissue stores more estrogenic material; a storage tank of plastic antigen.

People with plenty of adipose tissue and even mild estrogen allergy are likely to chronically aggravate sundry tissue. We can’t just think of a potbelly as a fat store; today, it’s also a bank of plastic pollution. For those with the genetic allergy, the plastics are constant deposits which aggravate joint tissue, heart tissue, pancreatic tissue, vascular tissue, breast tissue, etc.

Even for those with the allergy, benelles have a natural mechanism of using organic vitamin A to prevent the allergy from becoming a chronic tissue issue. But those consuming the most processed food, rich in chemicals and plastics, are the least likely to be eating a fresh assortment of organic food that’s rich in vitamin A.

In the end, many factors align for joint disease to occur. The right allele. Consuming plastics. Not exercising. Getting heavy. Not eating fresh foods. Our benelles have to have a great deal go wrong before they get sick, and even then the power of benelles is so strong, most people remain healthy.

Sadly, our healthcare system ignores the interplay and safeguards. It goes looking for a drug to control HLA-B27, when that allele isn’t the true problem and probably provides a key genetic advantage that would be foolish to give up.

To solve this, the government could share the placebo effect. The placebo effect is the largest government subsidy in the world. Right now, it’s given strictly to pharma companies. A doctor can’t be paid the same—and insurance won’t cover—putting an RA patient on filtered water and fresh organic food, even when the evidence shows that is the safest and most effectual path. For the doctor to make his money, he must provide toxic drugs, which pluck benelles, and which work largely based on the placebo effect. If the government says only prescription drugs work, that is a subsidy of hundreds of billions of dollars to pharma companies. Instead, government policy should help create market demand for safe, long-term solutions like organic farming, selling organic foods, etc. This starts with how the placebo effect is distributed.

My contention is that evidence-based healthcare should be reimbursed at a similar rate. Evidence-based doctors should control the placebo effect at a local level; not by decree of a central government. We need to brush past lobbyists and provide a new path for those with ankylosing spondylitis to get well.

I have no idea if my family has HLA-B27 but I suspect I carry the gene because my father has suffered from joint pain and a stiff back for over a decade. But I’m unconcerned; usually these types of genes confer some special advantage when treated properly, which we do in my house. My wife, kids and I drink RO water, and from glass containers. We don’t eat from cans. We never use prescription drugs or vitamins. We exercise daily, and eat an assortment of organic food, including carrots and raspberries. As a result, our benelles give us health you can’t find in a big healthcare system.


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