Why is Health Analysis Illegal?

hippocrates-jailAmericans are addicted to analysis. There’s a revolving door of analysts: college football, bond markets, indie movies, mobile tech, abortion politics, doggie jackets, etc.

What’s great: freedom of speech allows down-and-dirty analysis. You can write harsh things about the Yankees’ pitching, or the way Goldman Sachs two-times their clients, or how plain dumb the president is. You can earn your crust analyzing those subjects.

However, if you provide independent health analysis, you risk legal trouble, including jail time. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, if he were alive today, would be shut down by the FDA, at the hand of corporate executives. This seems unconstitutional and un-American for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the idea that “incontrovertible evidence” is necessary to provide health analysis means that only the largest corporations can afford to do so. The same corporations that pay for their study results—which aren’t repeatable in many cases. Nothing in life is incontrovertible, but making expensive studies the sanctioned yellow brick road to incontrovertibly makes independent health analysis illegal. Our business leaders are making health a one-way street at the expense of our benelles.

Secondly, there’s the issue of freedom of speech. If I believe eating cruciferous vegetables helps prevent against metabolic disorders, why is it illegal for me to suggest that out loud? While 20 million American diabetics drive past billboards featuring soda pops, my promotion of a vegetable on a blog is samizdat.

Thirdly, analysis is necessary to make sense of data points. There’s a misconception that only doctors understand health data. And they don’t. They don’t have time, they have conventional degrees from conventional schools, and they’re only valuable inside a conventional system. Independent health analysis is practically the riskiest move in the world for a doctor. At most, they might regurgitate information from corporate health researchers, lackeys reaching predetermined results. Honest health analysis is found where analysis isn’t attached to a paycheck.

Fourthly, many of today’s blockbuster drugs are based upon wild plants. Big pharma companies want to use specialized tribal knowledge of curative plants, so they can reverse-engineer the special gene activation the plants inspire into patented, blockbuster drugs. But, if the tribal medicine man with the original knowledge posts a blog with the natural cure, he’s breaking the law because there’s nothing incontrovertible about this knowledge. Hypocrisy, capital H.

Fifth: let’s say a citizen developed a health philosophy called Benelles, which meant “good cells”, and which saw humans as part of an organic evolutionary model, in which chemicals and pollution are harmful, and preservation of benelles via analysis of available health data—combined with common sense and a faith in organic inputs—was the approach with the best outcomes. Well, business lawyers would argue Benelles is not an incontrovertible philosphy, so it’s illegal. Ok, what’s incontrovertible in this lifetime? Half the people say the president’s right, and half wrong. And this is the case with every subject under the sun, except healthcare, which is an oppressive dictatorship, where only the rich are allowed a word.

Lastly, the conventional healthcare system is failing. National rates of chronic disease are increasing while health insurance rates go up and up. In other industries, this is called a scam, and consumers would consider new options, but in healthcare, new options are illegal to talk about. As citizens, we face legal action for discussing the possibility of cinnamon or periwinkle tea helping control chronic disease. The owners of conventional medicine have taken health out of healthcare; you can go to the pharmacy, or you can go to jail.

The owners of conventional medicine have become too rich and powerful. They are like the giant carnivorous dinosaurs of yore; powerful and ever-hungry, but suddenly too large for the continent, and too slow to adapt to a changing world.They have made open discussion about health forbidden, and are a threat to our national health. There is no trustworthy authority protecting public health; the FDA was captured long ago.

In communist countries, there are secret gatherings to express religious faith. America, toting the world’s largest, most-broken healthcare system, has replaced religious persecution with healthcare persecution. If you find this health oppression stressful, I’d love to tell you about an organic food from South America that my family uses to lower blood pressure, but well, I don’t want to go to jail.

Disclaimer. The author considers health and personal health choices to be a sacred subject.

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