Will USDA Pick Eggs or Cash?

eggs“Cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”

There, they finally said it. But will the USDA listen to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee?

The USDA should listen to the committee, but will be tempted not to, since it will create financial risk for cash-cow cholesterol-fighting companies. I mean, who wants to fight something that’s healthy?

Here’s a chairman discussing the committee’s recommendations (emphasis mine):

“It’s the right decision,” said Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the famed Cleveland Clinic. “We got the dietary guidelines wrong. They’ve been wrong for decades.”

He noted that only 20% of a person’s blood cholesterol — the levels measured with standard cholesterol tests — comes from diet. The rest comes from genes, he said.

We told people not to eat eggs. It was never based on good science,” Nissen said.

So, doctors have had the wrong dietary guidelines for decades and everybody’s okay with that. Frankly, “It was never based on good science”, could apply to most of what doctors have us on.

The problem is, if you stand up and say “eat healthy and avoid doctors”, the government will say, “that’s not based on good science.” The big fish wins, of course. But it still seems backwards to live in a country with more religious freedom than medical freedom…when the medicine isn’t even based on good science.

Maybe the egg and cheese industries can start a new campaign, Cholesterol: it’s good for you!

The cheese campaign might suddenly have pharma shifting away from LDL, to increasing HDL; except pharma tried, and it kills people.

The root of the problem: our scientists and doctors think modifying natural behavior is scientific. In reality, only their paychecks depend on that, and the outcome is unscientific practice. For instance, a patient with mildly high blood pressure will be told to take Lipitor and go on a low-salt diet. But the evidence shows cholesterol is good and low-salt diets kill you faster. So, how is that chap coming out ahead?

He’s not coming out ahead; health plans put you at risk by overriding benelles. Less treatment leads to better health. Essentially, doctors are like stock brokers: they actively manage away your fortune. At least the financial world has Van Guard; but with medicine, the government only licenses an active frittering away of people’s health. Cross a doc and you’re fired.

Somehow, our doctors get free passes, like the CEO that trashes his company and gets punished with a $20,000,000 payout, and a fresh job elsewhere. In the same vein, our chief doctors apparently realize our guidelines on cholesterol, salt, and medical treatment have been hurting people for decades, but are happy getting rich off it. Yes, the same kids that braved medical school because they wanted to “help people”.

At least Nissen is doing his part to help people by telling the truth in the media. He’s picking eggs while his peers pick cash.

The scientific truth: benelles will correctly set their own level of cholesterol when you eat natural foods and do light, regular exercise. In short, cut the processed energy bar, and go for an egg and a walk.


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